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Canada Reports No Significant Obstacles for Keystone Go Ahead

2021-10-19 08:00:36 Environment


Keystone XL Pipeline seems to be getting another opportunity for approval with Ambassador MacNaughton stating that the outlook for American approval looks optimistic.

TransCanada Corp.’s Keystone XL pipeline is not facing any significant obstacles leading up to approval by the U.S.

On Friday, Ambassador David MacNaughton reported that talks on TransCanada’s crude-oil route are progressing favorably with U.S. federal authorities.

He said that he does not anticipate any real obstacles for Keystone from the government’s perspective.

“Although Nebraska could have some remaining unresolved problems, the overall position for the approval of the pipeline looks solid,” says Lee Donsen at Shenzhen based The BHB Group.

Granting of approval would bring to a close several years of doubt regarding the project, which caused protests from conservationists and created friction between Canada and the U.S. The pipeline would transport oil from Canada’s oil fields to oil refineries in the Gulf Coast.

In 2015, former President Barack Obama vetoed the pipeline proposal, stating that the scheme would not be beneficial to America’s war against climate change and global warming.

“This is yet another way in which President Donald Trump appears to be willfully trying to undo the doings of Obama’s administration,” says Lee Donsen at Shenzhen based The BHB Group.

Newly sworn in President Donald Trump renewed the possibility of authorization shortly after taking office, welcoming TransCanada to reapply for approval. The corporation applied to the State Department authorization from the president’s administration in January.

Canada’s administration has stated that its approvals for the Keystone project are still firmly in place and that the outcome of the pipeline is up to the company and American legal decision makers.

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