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Reliance Communications Cloud X Goes Live in 5 Cities

2022-11-30 01:25:46 News & Society


With the vision to take it across 120 locations worldwide in the next 24 months, Reliance Communications has kicked off commissioning its next generation cloud and content delivery model, Cloud Xchange. Five metropolises-- Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad—have Cloud X nodes fully operational and in service.

Cloud X is a whole new innovation in making low-cost on-demand cloud services more accessible and affordable. It enables users to deploy cloud servers and apps and manage them online with extensive shared and personal IT support under one roof. It would enable clients subscribed to Reliance Communications’ cloud services for utilizing the company’s massive storage and processing capacities and software apps through Cloud X nodes that would optimize traffic flow to data center facilities and result in resource optimization.

"Cloud X is changing the paradigm of cloud computing. The network must now undergo a profound transformation, from a static entity to a dynamic, intelligent, applicationaware fabric that can support multiple traffic requirements, diverse geographies and flexible pricing models," RCom (Enterprise) and Global Cloud Xchange CEO Bill Barney said in a media release.

It was at the Digital India launch on July 1 that Anil Ambani had spoken of his vision to tie the whole of India digitally. He had promised investments worth Rs 10,000 crore to that effect, particularly towards telecom and cloud along with commissioning of Cloud X by the end of the year.

Perceived as a new benchmark in cloud sharing and data accessibility, Cloud X would amplify access for government departments and enterprises by about 240 times of their current compute power and over six times the high-speed storage access available in the country.

Cloud computing is already changing business and enterprise paradigms in the nation and has impacted millions of Indians. Going forward, it would be all the more pervasive as India embraces smart city models, smart homes, connected cars and healthcare innovations.

After the five metropolises, Reliance Communications plans to take its cloud services to 120 locations worldwide in the upcoming 24 months.

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