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Author Roland Frasier Discusses Asset Protection for Everyone

2021-10-17 11:39:21 Business


Roland Frasier, a popular financial advisor and author, recently discussed his book, Asset Protection for Everyone, which outlines the way that anyone can take control of his or her finances and protect assets through the strategic use of financial principles.

In his book, Frasier points out that wealthy individuals often lose part or all of their assets due to some catastrophic incident such as an accident, illness or legal action. He has several pieces of advice for those who might need to protect assets, including avoiding conspicuous spending. "Unfortunately, there are people who scout around for those they think have money in order to find ways of creating a problem for them," notes Frasier. "You become a target when you spend conspicuously. That does not mean do not have nice things, but it means avoid making a show of your wealth."

Fraiser also advocates the use of strategic legal maneuvers to keep litigants and creditors from latching on to assets. In the book, he discusses the use of trusts, partnerships, and limited liability corporations with an easy-to-follow matrix format so that these complex issues are more easily understood. "Insurance and incorporation, once the two most popular forms of asset protection, are no longer enough. I recommend, instead, a four-pronged approach: maintain adequate insurance coverage; avoid ostentatious spending; create family limited partnerships or limited liability corporations; and create trusts that protect wealth."

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Specializing in negotiation, copywriting, marketing strategies, mergers, acquisitions and exit strategies, Roland Frasier is one of the principals of Idea Incubator and Digital Marketer.

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