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Addison Zegan Launched New Amazon TV Series

2021-06-17 03:07:59 Art & Entertainment


Addison Zegan launched a new Amazon TV show series to help people to go through the hardest time in their life.

Addison Zegan launched his new Amazon TV show series. This new series will talk about depression and suicidal problems that many people suffer today. The main purpose of this new series is to help those people to go through that bad time, and be able to recover from it. In the end, this content is made to help people to get a better life.

As Zegan said, “I want to provide a method for people who have a suicidal tendency as well as a hard time in their life, to know that they still have a chance. I was starting it on social media. When I was starting to share a quote on my social media, I can see that what I did changed some people's lives. Therefore, I decided to launch this new series, where people can find helpful information to solve their problem. I wanted to see that change, where people can be freed from their suicidal problem and depression, then turn their life into a better one.”

Addison Zegan is well-known for his effort to help to deal with a suicide problem, as well as depression and anxiety, through many platforms. Books are one of the platforms he used to convey his message to help other people. Other than the book, he also has a YouTube channel, where he uploads many motivational videos. Furthermore, he also released albums and singles that are available on Spotify. Some of his songs have a strong message that goes along with his main mission as an artist and author for motivational content.

One of the books he released, entitled, “3000 Inspirational Quotes: for hard times in life.” has a huge collection of meaningful and inspirational quotes. He collected these quotes with one main purpose, which is helping the reader to face their hardest time in their life. The quotes in this book are numbered for easy search and found. Furthermore, Zegan didn’t only release this book for commercial or profit. Some of the income made from this book sale will be used to support the Suicide Prevention Hotline.

About Addison Zegan

Addison Zegan is a counselor that now works at the suicide hotlines. He helps people who are suffering from depression, anxiety, and suicidal tendency, to go through that problem. As he also experienced a similar situation in the past, which made him change how he saw the world, he is more than capable to help these people.

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