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Toronto Personal Training Company Launches Fitsuite

2020-09-16 05:22:34 Health and Fitness


Busy Bee Fitness Experts has filed the intention to sell fitness products for the Canadian market, starting in its home base of Toronto and surrounding areas. The launch of these products is set to be completed in the first half of 2020. Equipment will be geared towards the home market with a range of portable devices including bands, balls, dumbells, and lightweight core rollers. Other types of equipment will be brought in for the home consumer market intended based on the reception of the current lineup. An exact date is to be announced shortly on the official website.

"It's a natural progression for us to get into this space. In a relatively short period of time, Busy Bee has been able to provide clients with a superior line of health and lifestyle services, catered towards people of all different fitness levels. We got the idea from our elite level personal trainers and as a personal trainer myself, I believe it will compliment our current services quite nicely", says personal trainer and owner, Scott Everson. In a bourgeoning field with so many places to expand, it seems to be a natural fit for training outfits to get into. Several top tier gyms are now entering this market but this is the first in-home launch of its kind.

The experts opened for business in midtown back in 2016 and have been growing steadily ever since. "This city may be the perfect storm of ripe opportunities for this type of venture, says Gary Stevens in Houseing Development. More condos are being built with advanced gorgeous gyms. Approximately twenty percent of residents name amenities, particularly their condo gyms as their main reason for buying - that really says something. Even top level celebrities are getting in on this action. Equipment keeps getting smaller and lighter and is evolving with the current environment."

Busy Bee Fitness Experts focuses on in-home training and provides each client with a female personal trainer match. Holistic nutrition and strength training come included with each package and customization is mandatory. Matching up with someone with the most reliable plan possible is the main goal. For more information on reaching your exercise goals with a health coach, please visit the website or contact a specialist at

Company :-Busy Bee Fitness Experts

User :- Scott Everson


Phone :-6474035222

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