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Simsbury Singer and hip-hop lover Daniel E Carpenter likes Barbershop music. Huh?

2020-02-24 05:37:14 Miscellaneous


Simsbury, Connecticut. From Chance The Rapper to Ed Waesche? Just how far does your listening stance stretch? I confess to loving many different songs from many artists from many backgrounds, such as The Carpenters and Chance the rapper. But, one singer Daniel E Carpenter has perhaps taken this to its extremities.

“… confess to actually liking some barbershop music from Ed Waesche ... my Grandad used to listen to that, and I loved the old guy, and I picked up his music tastes a little. I like a few songs and the arrangements by Ed Waesche … ”

Who is Ed Waesche? Edward Waesche was a barbershop quartet arranger. He was also president of the Barbershop Harmony Society.

Who is Daniel E Carpenter? born but not raised in Simsbury, Connecticut. At the age of 8, his family made their way to Atlanta where some years later Daniel E Carpenter would sign a deal with infamous ‘Fraud Records’ an Atlanta based record company.

Daniel has signed a singles deal with the label and soon to be released are singles Benistar and Benistar 2 to be released soon. Daniel Carpenter is a bit of a maverick, and his music styles range from Hip hop influences to 80’s retro rock. His works include a track called Benistar that could be the Kung Fury Soundtrack sang by The Hoff himself.

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