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Canada Immigration - New Brunswick Looking For Registered Foreign Nurses to Fill Growing Labor Gap

2021-01-27 12:14:05 Legal / Law


The government of New Brunswick has revealed in a recent report that it is facing a rising shortage of registered nurses in the province’s health-care system. The government has recommended the recruitment of internationally trained nurses as a part of its Nursing Resource Strategy, which was formulated to meet the burgeoning demand for health care and long-term palliative care among its residents.

The report makes note of the fact that the population in NB is ageing at a faster pace than any other province in the nation, leading to a difficult demographic stage. New Brunswick has the distinction of having the highest proportion of people over the age of 65. The province has declared that it is facing increasing demand for nurses, especially those trained in palliative and geriatric care, while at the same time facing a shortage in the supply of trained nurses in the province. The Ministry of health has estimated that it will need at least 130 Nurses every year for the next decade. It also estimates that more than 4000 positions for registered nurses will be created newly.

Canada Immigration to Recruit More International Nurses in New Brunswick

The solution according to the report would be to actively recruit trained nurses from abroad through the Canada immigration program. The government proposed strategy has also recommended that a program be started to assist international nurses to find work in the province’s health-care sector even during the applications process in order to help them integrate easily into the workforce.

According to the other action items of the strategy, the province proposes to

1. Offer permanent employment to international graduates who study in New Brunswick as well as Nurses who are recruited from other countries through Canada immigration
2. Offer a signing bonus in exchange for committing to serve the rural areas in the province.
The health Minister of the province. Hugh J Fleming, praised the role of Nurses, in health care and stated that the province would need to take immediate and decisive action to address the shortage of nurses in the province.

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