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Trillion Trees Initiative to Reduce Global Warming Worldwide

2021-01-12 02:41:40 Business


Leipzig, Germany (August 2019) – With many countries from around the world realizing the importance of protecting the environment as much as possible from the negative effects of global warming, environmentalists from different parts of the world are taking initiatives to contribute their share to reduce the effects of global warming. To preserve the environment, forests and trees, the Trillion Trees Initiative was started in the year 2018.

Now, the Greening Deserts Trillion Trees Initiative strives to add support both morally and financially to move forward as quickly as possible to build the first pilot camps. The initiative and projects seeking the support of all the nations and humanity, morally and financially.

The team aimed at forest conservation says “Building a basic camp with a little team needs approx three to nine months, depends on the conditions and region. Greening and forestation of each concerned region start from the very beginning, so like planting trees for the first parks. Bigger camps can get an Energy Storage Park with a Solar Park, Water Park and Wind Park. Smaller camps will have of course solar energy and water supply, too.”

The project developers thinking about a greening foundation and trillion trees fund to manage the green finance for the forestation and greening projects, but also for innovative cleantech and greentech developments or projects like Agrophotovoltaik, Desert Bamboo Africa, Hemp Houses, Hemp Papers, Greening Coasts, Greening Drones, Greenhouse Ships, Green Ring Africa, Great Green Wall North Africa, Seeding Balloons, Seeding Drones and Transparent Solar Greenhouses. All these projects were founded and initiated by Greening Deserts founder during the last years. Future partners, sponsors and investors for the ongoing project developments are always welcome!

Projects like Greening Deserts should receive the right recognition for their initiative for reforestation. In return, it will be a motivation for the society thinking about similar projects to safeguard the environment.

About Greening Deserts:
Greening Deserts are sustainable, scientific, social, cultural, educational and economical projects to reduce desertification and global warming on a large scale. The projects want to achieve ecological forestry, sustainable agriculture and create healthy environments worldwide.

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