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hIOTron Presents Smart Data Center Monitoring System

2020-02-18 04:33:52 Technology


VIMAN NAGAR Pune, Maharashtra, July 9, 2019: hIOTron developed a Smart Data Center Monitoring system that provides End-To-End IoT Solutions that improve the process, differentiate product services and create new revenue streams.

Datacenter Monitoring system mainly focused on computer performance, tracking virtual workloads, tracing monitoring system performance and proceed to the certain warnings and alerts that spell trouble for servers or storage within the IoT architecture.

hIOTron Considers the following monitoring points:

Sensing and Monitoring Temperature

One of the most remarkable results of data center growth is the concern of heat density. It is difficult to control temperatures on a facility level. By installing temperature sensors with network connectivity within the data center helps administrators to ensure that all equipment and devices are operating safely.

If not, early alerting can allow administrators to take other pre-emptive action to avoid failures.

Establishing precision cooling control:

With huge enterprise data centers, keeping constant levels of cooling and room air conditions are requiring. Placing intelligent controls, which are sometimes combined into cooling and monitoring systems, helps data centers run as effectively as possible.

The aim of intelligent control is to allow multiple huge systems to complement, rather than compete with one another.

Fluid and humidity detection

One smaller leak inside may lead to huge damage to the data center and business hardware. This type of damage will deal with serious issues to functionality and productivity.
By using leak detection sensors within the data center will detect leaks, trigger alarms and helps to prevent water damage.

Integrate environment with other sensors:

Temperature and liquid sensors are just the beginning of an intelligent data center environment monitoring system. Fire alarms are also required at various locations throughout the facility to recognize the coming fire.
While these alarms can also be integrated into the data center monitoring system to give concern authorities with an opportunity for early action before more dramatic gas prevention is released.

Managing alarms and notifications

The ability of data center monitoring system to view quick notifications of a failure or dynamically prevent failure is critical data center tasks. A centralized and well-organized system enables authorities to answer quickly to emergencies and help to achieve higher uptime.

The alarm system is able to prioritize issues by criticality, to allow the most serious incidents to receive priority attention.

Despite other data center monitoring systems hIOTron’s system mainly focus on testing and maintenance and it is always ready for any emergencies with a backup plan that will greatly reduce the risk of having extended downtime

To know more about Smart Data Monitoring System:
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About hIoTron:

hIOTron Pvt.Ltd (hIOTron's) provide a practical study for various IoT cloud platforms. hIOTron had deployed over 21000 IoT Devices. hIoTron's IoT platform helps businesses to connect and manage data securely.
It also Develops, supports and manufactures IoT platforms and serving 55+ Fortune Enterprises.

hIOTron offers an IoT solution over such a platform with End-To-End Classroom as well as Online IoT Training in Pune ( and Mumbai with which you can easily come up with new ideas and techniques.

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