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Collybia Presenting Mamboberry HD DAC+ in Two Varieties

2019-11-10 01:28:38 Technology


Collybia released the new sound card Mamboberry HD DAC+. It is comprised of high-quality components from well-known brands like ELNA, Nichicon, SABER, IDT, Crystek and WIMA. Designed by sound engineer Vasilis Tounas, whose years of experience and professional expertise bring a high quality standard to Mamboberry HD DAC+.

“We believe that SABRE dac-chip in combination with a low noise oscillator and special pcb design is the perfect match for the best audiophile dac-hat on the market”, says Collybia.

Mamboberry HD DAC+ comes in two different varieties. The standard version utilizes the ultra-low jitter Femto Clock by IDK. The Crystek version was outfitted with the hi-end clock module CCHD-957. Both versions have a new design, four 330 ?F NICHICOM filter capacitors, WIMA film capacitors for audio low-pass filters, Sabre 9023p a low noise technology dac chip also called “Time Domain Jitter Eliminator“, a DC barrel connector and RCA outputs.


Mamboberry HD DAC+ is fully compatible with Max2Play. You can find more information about both versions on

Further information:

Company :-Max2Play


Phone :-+4934135540902

Url :-


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