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Prepaway Reveals the Tips of Passing the LSAT Test to Join a Law School

2020-06-05 07:09:14 Education


A career in law is one of the most sought-after options in the world. However, it is not easy to join a law school. You are required to pass the LSAT test in order to be considered for admission. The LSAT is a standardized test required for law school admissions in the United States, Australia and Canada. Other countries are also starting to recognize the test. The LSAT test is administered by the Law School Admission Council (LSAC). The test assesses your reading comprehension, logical reasoning and analytical reasoning skills.

The LSAT test is approved by the American Bar Association. Prepaway LSAT score is considered along with your GPA, letters of recommendation, your personal statement and the Credential Assembly Service application. The LSAT is administered seven times in a year at various testing centers around the world.

What does the LSAT test include?
Prepaway LSAT is a multiple-choice test that is made up of 120 to 130 questions. It is divided into six sections. The main sections are Reading Comprehension, Logical Reasoning (I and II), Analytical Reasoning and Writing Sample (essay). There will also be a varied Experimental section which does not affect the final score.

You’ll have 3.5 hours to complete the test while the time limit for each section is 35 minutes. There is a 10-15 minutes break after the third section.

Reasons why you should consider the LSAT test
• The LSAT test score can help you earn a scholarship.
• The LSAT test helps you know if you are fit for a law career.
• Some law firms use the LSAT test scores for hiring purposes. It’s possible to land a job in a good law firm by getting a high score in the LSAT test.
• The LSAT test helps you join a law school of your choice.

Why is the LSAT test so popular?
• It is approved by the American Bar Association.
• Most law schools use the LSAT test to grant admission to students.
• It makes the process of admission in law schools easy, fair and fast.
• The LSAT test score is valid for five years.
• The test is offered seven times a year.
• It’s easy to register. Schedule your LSAT test online through the LSAC website.

How to pass the LSAT test

For you to pass the LSAT test, do the following:

• Review the exam objectives.
• Identify a learning technique that works for you and use it.
• Prepare a study plan.
• Use high-quality resources for your preparation.
• Make sure you allocate enough time for each question.
• Manage your time well during the exam.
• Read the exam questions carefully before attempting.
• Do not spend too much time on one question. Use the elimination method when you find a difficult question. Try to eliminate the options that seem obviously wrong. This way you can identify the answer that is most likely to be right.

LSAT test question details
All the LSAT questions are of multiple-choice type. This means you are given several choices in each question and you are required to choose the correct one. Both the Logical Reasoning sections contain 24-26 questions, Analytical Reasoning – 23-24 questions, Reading Comprehension – 26-28 questions. Writing Sample section does not contain questions, while Experimental section comprises 24-28 unscored questions. In total, there are 120-130 questions.

Tips for passing the LSAT test

The following tips will help you pass the LSAT test:

• Enroll in a course
One way to help you understand LSAT test topics better is a training course. There are a number of courses available online that you can use. Online courses are the best because they are convenient and offer you flexibility.

• Practice with past tests
If you want to pass LSAT, you should also consider using practice tests. This is so far the best method to prepare for the LSAT test. Practice tests will help you get used to the test format and the question structure. You can find quality practice tests on platforms such as ExamCollection and PrepAway.

• Cover all exam topics well
Good preparation means covering all the exam topics. This might take a lot of time which means that you need to allocate a sufficient period for study. You should also make sure to use the recommended resources to ensure you don’t miss any topic.

• Join a discussion group
A discussion group is also helpful when it comes to LSAT preparation. You rarely forget a topic discussed in a group. Discussion groups can also help you identify your weak areas as well as learn from the other participants.

Top web resources for LSAT test preparation
• Khan Academy (official preparation resource)
• ExamCollection
• PrepAway

Now you know what to do if you are looking forward to joining a law school. The LSAT test will help you determine whether if you are fit for the law career. Since you now have all the details of the LSAT test, it is up to you to take the next step!

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