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Alt Thirty Six Announces Failure in Improving the Series A Funding for the Solution of Blockchain Cannabis Payment

2020-07-08 11:36:21 Business


Alt Thirty Six was failing in improving the funding for the Solution of Blockchain Cannabis payment. The amount of money that failed to attempt was $10 million.

Alt Thirty Six is a well-known Blockchain-based digital payment and compliance platform. Their work are focusing on the utilization of Cannabis by providing Cannabis Blockchain Payment Solution. Recently, the company must accept the fact that their team failed in their attempts to receive $10 million. The money was planned to be given by an anonymous equity company. With those $10 million, it was expected that Alt Thirty Six would be able to improve and develop the company.

In an interview, the representative of the equity company stated that they basically always support the payments technology system that has been developed by Alt Thirty Six for the cannabis industry. However, they still could not see the urgency of their company to give financial helps particularly at the early development stage.

While the equity company still could not see the importance of giving funding supports for Alt Thirty Six, for now, this decision is a little bit saddening for the platform development company. There will be only a small possibility for them to do some further movements. It is by remembering that the company had a plan to expand proper licensing to dominate the US market.

Previously, Alt Thirty Six announced the approval of the Series A funding by an anonymous equity company. It was after previously, the funding round was rejected in CWCBE 2019 conducted in New York City. The rejection was mostly due to the issue of legitimacy. Even after some series of rejection, the company still puts efforts to improve themselves as the business is basically very beneficial and advantageous for people in the US. Moreover, there are still a few companies that are focused on the Cannabis industry by applying Blockchain and crypto exchange.

About Alt Thirty Six

Alt Thirty Six is a company that works in the area of the digital payment and compliance platform. It uses the technology of Blockchain and focusing on the Cannabis industry. The development of the company as well as the platform is in order to improve the Cannabis industry in the US. The application of Blockchain and digital payments are used for the best Cannabis payment solution for all the parties involved.

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