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Best Monthly Online Subscription Boxes for Gifting Announced

2020-09-19 10:04:09 Lifestyle


One of the most popular items to purchase online over the last few years has been the subscription box. Based on the old concept of an item of the month club, online subscription boxes are available for any number of products.

Most subscription boxes take into consideration some of your personal tastes and create a curated box full of products you will most likely enjoy. Other boxes allow you to actually pick the products that you will receive. With an estimated 3500 different variations available online, there is sure to be one for everyone.

The following are some of the best subscription boxes on the market right now that would make for great gift ideas.

Subscription Boxes Aimed at Women
With some women loving to shop as much as they do, it makes sense that subscription boxes aimed at women are considered the most popular ones available on the internet.

The most popular type of boxes by far come from companies like Birchbox, Ipsy and Sephora whose curators fill their boxes every month with an assortment of health and beauty supplies. Typically, they are comprised of smaller, sample sized containers of various products that can be purchased in regular sizes if the recipient enjoys the sample.

Another take on the monthly subscription service is done by Casely who specialize in cell phone cases and accessories. Every month they have a selection of new cases for the latest iPhone X that their designers have made. A benefit to their subscription service is that you can cancel your subscription at any time. You are also able to buy their cases individually from their retail shop if you don’t feel you need a new case every month.

Subscription Boxes Aimed at Men
Retailers haven’t forgotten about men. There are almost as many subscription boxes aimed at men as there are for women.

Boxes by Bespoke, Gentleman’s Box and Culture Carton all feature products like new electronic gadgets, accessories like cufflinks or pocket watches and other items like engraved flasks or a monogrammed leather-bound ledger to name just a few items.

Other popular boxes for men focus on grooming products specifically for beards like those from the Beard Care Club. Another area that has numerous options are boxes with a nutritional or a gym focus like the Brotein Box or Crush Crate. These feature nutritional supplements that will help at the gym as well as other products that will help men feel their best. Of course, there are modern takes on old classic gift of the month favorites for products like hot sauces, cigars or beef jerky.

Subscription Boxes for Both Sexes
Besides all the boxes that are aimed at each respective sex, there are just as many boxes that appeal to members of both sexes. Some of the most popular ones focus on food and technology.

Boxes like Home Chef are aimed at people who love to cook good food at home. Other options like Graze focus on healthy snacks or Love For Food which sends out boxes full of items like gluten free or organic foods for people who are more health conscious.

Boxes created by Loot Crate are focused on items that will appeal to video game lovers and self-professed nerds. Gadget Discovery Club is for people more into wearable technology, smart home products or solar powered gadgets. In addition, there are boxes for children, pets, coffee lovers and the always popular Book of the Month club.

Regardless of what types of products someone likes, there is a subscription box aimed at them. Whether someone is man, woman or child, there are countless boxes that will make for excellent gift ideas. With so many options to pick from, the most difficult part is deciding on just one. However, if you can’t choose one you can try a few and cancel them when you wish to try a new one.

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