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Comprehensive learning platform Simpliv has plans of extending knowledge to over 15,000 new learners every month

2020-02-13 09:38:53 Education


Fremont, CA: Simpliv LLC, a comprehensive knowledge platform, has chalked up a plan to enroll more than 15,000 new learners every month. Sensing the surging demand for industry-relevant courses in many areas, Simpliv has embarked upon its aim of reaching out to the fast growing community of learners across nearly all age demographics and in almost all parts of the world.
Its courses, offered in both the IT and non-IT areas, cut across the barriers of age, location and knowledge levels. Being a global player, Simpliv is confident that it can meet the rising global demand for online courses. Its courses are essentially aimed at closing learning gaps that many learners face around the world. These are some of the areas in which Simpliv will seek more learners for its online and video lesson courses:
• Python development
• Internet of Things
• Big Data
• Artificial Intelligence
• Machine Learning
• R
• Java
• Mobile development
• Hadoop
• Oracle
• Cloud, and many more
Shahanshah Manzoor, Managing Director of Fremont, CA-based Simpliv LLC, believes that this is a very realistic figure to achieve in the coming months, and is optimistic that the figures will grow in the coming years, as the global learning community moves more proactively into online learning. “As the world shifts toward Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) at a rapid rate, the field is now open to those companies that can cater to this huge growing demand. Our strengths are our understanding of this space, our set of experts who are very well-versed in the topics of interest to learners, our pricing, and, most importantly, our relevance to the industry. As the world moves towards professions that require skilling, we enhance their suitability to the job market in their specialization by offering courses that fulfill the exact needs of the profession.
We have found out during our research of the market that more often than not, more so in the markets of the developing world, there is a huge disparity between what students learn at school or college and what they face in the real world when they start working. Our extremely competitively priced courses help learners bridge this gap and help them stay abreast of the latest trends, techniques and methodologies in the market”, he said.
A platform for all kinds of courses
Having said this, Mr. Manzoor says, the field is wide open to nontechnical courses as well. “We have seen that informal learners, with or without any particular educational background, are in need of courses that help them finesse their extracurricular skills, in areas such as painting, digital photography, presentation or communication skills, meditation, acupuncture and many others. We have a huge collection of courses for such learners too, on our platform”. The aim of offering this variety of courses on its learning platform is, says Mr. Manzoor, to be a hub for learning for everyone on this planet, adding that he aims to make his company a source that learners from around the world will come to. He plans to brand Simpliv as a platform that learners will trust to deliver the most relevant, timely and valuable courses rather than simply as a money-spinning business. Simpliv’s intention is to stay for the long run in this market and earn a reputation as a knowledge platform that learners across the globe will find reliable and trustworthy.
Versatile teaching mediums
Towards achieving this objective, Simpliv offers a rare combination: of both the virtual classroom, as well as video streaming mediums, a first in the industry. While knowledge platforms offer either the virtual medium or video courses, Simpliv offers a unique mix of the two. While the short duration courses are aimed at helping learners to gain the knowledge needed to finesse their knowledge and close gaps in their learning; the high definition video lessons are aimed at working professionals and other groups who want a more detailed understanding of their topics of interest. Usually, these courses are scheduled at the weekends to suit learners’ convenience.
Exceptional refund policy
Another of the aspects at which Simpliv LLC excels is in its refund policy. Its 20-day refund policy, which is aimed at offering better service to its customers, is one of the best in the industry.
2000+courses and growing…
A major factor that gives Simpliv the confidence that it can scale up to being a global player of significance is that it in the short span of a little over a year since its inception, it has enlisted more than 2000 courses on its platform. Learners can look to Simpliv to offer courses that are as varied as one can think of. It is confident that its collection of courses will continue to grow at a rapid rate in the months and years to come, until it can be a platform for virtually every course that one wants to learn.
Several happy learners
The ultimate certificate it can earn, Simpliv believes, is the testimonials from its learners. Its learners have not been hesitant to speak highly of the value they have been deriving from the courses. A small sample of these testimonials:
Anand Kumar Verma, who undertook a Hadoop database course, gave it five stars, calling it “(A) must have course for better understanding of Hadoop concept”.
Dennis Immanuel Datudey, who took up a course on payroll management, is more than happy to give the course five stars. In his words, it was a “Very well pointed lesson about payroll management”.
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