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Sygma Solutions Is Now Recognised By The EUSR For Excellent Training

2021-01-27 01:10:52 Education


Sygma Solutions is the leading provider of training in the UK for the location of underground services in any place where a contractor needs to dig and excavate. The company has been providing training for many years for all surveyors who need to locate and identify utilities that may be in the place that they need to excavate, so that the proper precautions can be taken.

Striking an underground utility results in a delay in the project as an absolute minimum, while the utility concerned makes repairs. It can also result in serious injuries to workers and passers-by, and on occasion these injuries are fatal. There are some 60,000 strikes of utilities every year in the UK, and about a dozen of them are fatal. Many of these could be avoided if the contractors concerned had sufficient knowledge in the location of the utilities, and the means of avoiding them.

The two main tools used by surveyors for location of underground services are the CAT and the Genny. CAT is short for Cable Avoidance Tool, while Genny means Signal Generator. They both have a number of different modes in which they can be used, depending on the situation. The CAT on its’ own can only detect electricity cables with power running through them. This means that if you were to use it in the high street overnight when the streetlamps were on, it would locate them. However, if you used it the following morning when they were off, it would not.

The signal generator is used to attach a signal to an underground service which can then be recognised by the CAT, so in almost all instances it is necessary that both tools are used together.

There are also very specific ways that a surveyor must cover the ground when using the CAT and Genny in order to ensure that nothing is missed. All of this is covered in the CAT and Genny training courses run by Sygma Solutions. The company has been providing CAT training for many years, and the CAT course that it runs is recognised by The Survey Association, the CSCS, and the EUSR. There is a choice of courses ranging from a one-day course to a full five day intensive course which covers everything that any surveyor will ever need to know, including – most importantly – the limitations of the CAT and Genny.

Sadly, great tools that they are, there are some limitations, and it is essential that users are aware of them. For example, depth could be a problem. A utility could be below the depth at which the CAT and Genny can locate it, so it might appear the area is clear. This is why it is necessary to carry out another survey after digging down about a foot.

All of this is covered in the EUSR CAT and Genny course which Sygma Solutions provides, and if passed, results in the attendee being awarded an EUSR card which allows him or her to work on any site which accepts the EUSR card.

About The Company:

Sygma Solutions is a specialist training company running courses in the use of the CAT and Genny to HSG47 level. For further information contact Pete on 0844 241 2597 or email

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