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Ausplay Playspaces Introduces EPDM Rubber Surface Brisbane For Safer And Smoother Playgrounds

2021-01-27 12:09:43 Sports


Over many years playground have evolved, to make it safe for children to play keeping in mind the fun element. Among one of the many safety standards that have been put in place, installing an adequate amount of safety under playing equipment is a must.

February 28, 2019 [Queensland, Australia]: Every parent is concerned about the safety of their kids, whether it's in the playground or at schools or child care centres. Therefore, the owner is taking measure to make the playground surfaces safely.

One of the most enquired by many is about safety surfaces of EPDM rubber surface Brisbane. Considered as safety surface and handicap accessible type surface, it is made up of virgin rubber and holds a high elasticity. It creates strong bond strength with resins, as its surface porosity is intact.

Being one of the most superior surfaces EPDM rubber surface needs great expertise for its installation. Ausplay playspaces hold more than 40+years of experience in providing outstanding playscapes services that comply with the National Quality Standards/Framework.

The rubber flooring offered by Ausplay playspaces is known as Aus-EPDM Rubber Flooring. Here is what this rubber flooring all about:

Aus-EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer [M-class]) is a solid machine manufactured granular wet pour surfacing system that is used to provide Durable, resilient, and eco-friendly rubber flooring.

This internationally accepted flooring system provides a seamless soft-fall surface, which has excellent water resistance capability for both fresh and salt, as well as being very good with ozone, UV and oxidation.

Available in a variety of vibrant single or multicoloured finishes it can be easily installed around playground equipment, pathways and other fixtures including 3D sculpture formed creations.

Aus-EPDM is a good all-round commercial material, which is widely used as a lower cost polymer, with good processing abilities. One can layer it in multicoloured surfaces and achieved endless graphical combinations.

Ausplay playspaces offer a huge range of Aus-EPDM in about 18 colours from Eggshell right through to our darker colours Cocoa. Their team of experts ensures that your projection is expertly managed from its inception to the final hand-over.


Ausplay playspaces is a well-known and well-respected playground construction company, that is committed to creating high-quality play spaces at competitive and affordable prices. They create high-class playspaces of which the client and its users enjoy, without compromising with the safety or services.

Their teams of experts build unique playspaces keeping in mind the specific needs and requirements of the client and assure that the client receives the high quality and professional service at all stages of the project. Contact them today, to get your next project constructed and designed in the most innovative ways that meet the current Australian Standards.

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