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KKSB has launched their new range of Raspberry PI Case with durable features

2020-05-25 02:17:15 Business


The quality cases and accessories manufacturer has released brand new sets of Raspberry PI cases, spotting unique features that provide gadgets with ample protection from damage.

KKSB is a storage case designer that has long been at the forefront of providing the market with durable cases, boards and accessories.

Their products are generally designed to protect single board computers and general electronics from external damage. Keeping in line with their tradition of providing users with cheap but effective electronic gadget safety cases, the company recently launched new sets of Raspberry P3 case and Raspberry P1 cases.

Their Raspberry class sets offers improved storage value to users more than ever before. The enclosures are lightweight and come in different designs and unique features. These recent product sets are an addition to the several other board enclosures that have been launched and released into the market in the past. All the company is aiming to make sure that customers get improved satisfaction for using their products.

Another thing to take note of is that, the case design parameters chosen by the company is to experiment with for better quality. Their Raspberry P1 metal cases as well as all their other cases have been designed differently using several design features. The new cases have a rigid design to ensure longevity of the final products. It has reinforced fire protection to protect contents in the case should they be exposed to fire. Furthermore, their Raspberry P1 case is waterproof.

Further design features also include free airflow to provide electronic gadgets with sufficient ventilation, particularly when they are switched on and in use. This measure has been included to prevent gadgets from overheating especially during hot weather periods.

As for their physical characteristics, aesthetic features have also been added to make their cases as appealing as they are durable. The company intends to strengthen its position in the storage casing market as a manufacturer that sells durable board casing.

KKSB’s new product offerings as well as other case designs in their products line are now available for purchase online and in major hardware stores across the country. Buyers can now order for any case of their choice online by contacting any of their accredited marketers who sell their products at pre agreed prices.
To avoid ordering a wrong case, shoppers are advised to take their time to look through the different products and their unique characteristics before placing orders. Cases like the Raspberry P1 metal case, has a metal exterior unlike other cases in the Raspberry class. Some cases are also better suited for lighter gadgets while others are best for enclosing heavier gadgets.


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