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Sygma Solutions Is Now An EUSR Approved Training Company

2020-05-24 05:10:11 Education


Sygma Solutions is proud to announce that it is now an EUSR approved company for providing CAT and Genny training. The Energy & Utility Skills Register is also affiliated to the CSCS – the Construction Skills Certification Scheme – which means that people who undertake and pass the EUSR CAT and Genny HSG47 course provided by Sygma Solutions can now add this as a category on any EUSR card and will also be able to operate on CSCS sites.

In addition, Sygma Solutions is also an approved ProQual Centre for its' CAT course and can deliver nationally recognised qualifications in utility detection and mapping such as the Level 2 Award in Utility Location & Avoidance. This qualification is a requirement for people working on HS2 and is also being requested more and more on other sites and by utility companies.

In addition to its' CAT 4 courses, the company has available hire and training in the use of the Mala Easy Locator. This is a ground penetrating radar that, in contrast to the CAT and Genny, can locate both metallic and non-metallic buried services as small as 3cm in diameter and to a depth of 2.5 metres in appropriate soils. The Mid version can locate services of 5cm wide and can detect them down to 4 metres. The system requires minimal input from the operator, being provided with an easy user interface which has almost completely automated settings, and the two antennae settings are optimised for both the depth and resolution required. The technology also reduces random noise which means that the data quality supplied is superb.

There is also a Rough Terrain version of the Mala Easy Locator which has larger wheels and has a larger gap between the antenna and the ground, so avoiding stones or other obstacles that might be in the way when working over uneven land. The Mala Easy Locator is fast becoming the locating device of choice worldwide for professionals who have to locate and identify buried services.

Over the years there have been advances in the design and construction of buried utilities which have resulted in more and more of them using non-metallic materials. This means that professional surveyors in the business of locating them have been struggling, and this could be one of the reasons that cable strikes have been increasing rather than decreasing. The ground penetrating radar (GPR) used in the Mala Easy Locator is the only known technology that does not require either a connection to the utility or rely on electromagnetic radiation from the utility.

One of the advantages of the Mala Easy Locator is that it has a hinged shaft so that the handle folds over and the whole unit can easily fit into the back of an estate car so that surveyors can move from site to site with ease. The interface has no keyboard, but rather is operated by the surveyor with a single turn and push dial. All of the sensitive parts of the unit are encased in a strong aluminium housing which is weather-proof and is built to last in conditions that may be harsh. It also withstands some rough handling when transported. The monitor on the unit is easy to read, even in full sunlight.

Sygma Solutions is the only Mala approved service and repair centre in the UK and is offering a full service and calibration of the Easy Locator for just £350. Having recently expanded, the company is also able to provide service and calibration for any Radiodetection equipment so can provide a complete service for all location equipment needs. In addition, the company is well aware that underground service location equipment is in use almost daily, and can provide loan equipment, subject to availability, so that customers can keep working while it carries out any servicing work.

Sygma Solutions is also able to offer hire of five almost new Easy Locator IXM units which have the latest software and supporting GPS with the 3D grid option. The company's hire rates are very favourable and compare well with the hire rates charged for the much older machines offered by other companies.

About The Company:

Sygma Solutions is now an EUSR approved training company and this means that candidates who pass the HSG47 CAT and Genny training course the company provides will also be able to work on CSCS sites with which the EUSR is affiliated. For further information call: 0844 2412597 or email
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