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BVG Life Sciences announces Agro-products for Non-Poisonous, Prosperous Organic Farming

2020-07-05 05:03:05 Industry


INDIA, November 9, 2017: The present situation of the farmers and growing incidences of farmer fatalities due to use of chemical fertilizers calls for some immediate resolution and alternative relief for the Indian farmers. Maharashtra has the largest area under cultivation in the country and cultivating 41 lakh hectares. The extensive usage of chemical-based pesticides exposes a significantly large population of the farmer community to health risks. Several deaths due to pesticide poisoning have been reported from Yavatmal district in Vidarbha region of Maharashtra in the last few weeks. The recent tragedies call for educating the farmers on the ills of increased dosages of pesticides and insecticides. The residual effects of synthetic chemical pesticides are harmful to the human body, and switching to organic farming is beneficial for soil, plants and human population.

Chemical-based pesticides when sprayed without covering the mouth and nose, cause adverse skin reactions, burning sensation, dizziness, and headaches. Environmental changes have resulted in huge attacks of bollworm and whitefly on cotton and farmers have had to resort to spraying large amounts of insecticide and pesticides to save their standing cotton crop. The chain reaction of dosage increases production of poisonous chains and carcinogenic effects and when consumed by animals’ especially milch animals through fodder the harmful effects get passed on to children and humans. Organic fertilizers are usually made from plant or animal waste or powdered minerals. They are “soil conditioners” when broken down, improve the structure of the soil and increase its ability to hold water and nutrients. Over time, organic fertilizers make the soil–and plants–healthy and strong. Additionally they are renewable, biodegradable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly.

Mr. H.R. Gaikwad, Chairman and Managing Director, BVG Life Sciences Ltd comments, “The last decade has seen a rapid growth in the death rate amongst farmers and this has largely been attributed to the excessive use of pesticides and this will only further escalate if the issue is not addressed immediately. Approximately 70% of our economy relies on agricultural income. Farmers need to be educated about the disadvantages of chemical fertilizers and benefits of using organic fertilizers. Use of organic fertilizers will help sustainable development, biodiversity, and productivity of the ecosystem and bring positive changes to our society on the whole”.

We have conducted trials on cotton crop with our herbal, nano-technology products at more than 100 farmers in Yawatmal district, who have faced serious issues both in terms of crop infestation & personal health related issues due to use of chemical pesticides. The results are very effective in controlling sucking pest, and also shown positive results in vegetative growth, increased flowering and overall growth of the Plant.” Mr. Gaikwad added.

BVG Life Sciences motto is “Non-Poisonous, Prosperous India”. Agricultural products distributed by BVG are licensed by the state government and Ecocert certified and guarantee a minimum 50% yield increase in one crop season and double in three crop seasons. BVG’s agro herbal products are all natural, nontoxic, food safe, non-carcinogenic, 100 % herbal – nano technology based agro-products that boost immunity, growth, and yield of plants and crops. These are the highly effective and first of its kind products in India with zero residues. BVG Agro safe, BVG Agros Magic, BVG Agro Nutri & BVG Lithovit are the 4 brands under BVG’s Agro products portfolio. This division also provides very effective herbal products for enhancing milk & for improving quality of milk. It also deals with herbal products for converting non-milking animals into milking animals.

About BVG’s Agro Products:

~BVG Agro Safe: An all in one crop protector that protects crops from all pests and diseases and also cleans the crops. BVG Agro safe uses an innovative non-mutagenic action to weaken the pests and diseases on crops, and eventually get rid of them. This product is designed to put an end to all the woes of the farming community by bringing in one-stop resource for prevention of all diseases and protection from all types of pests for all types of crops. BVG Agro safe is so effective that once a farmer uses this he need not use any other type of pesticide. This product will end the fear of consuming toxic pesticides with vegetables and fruits as it us 100% safe even if consumed.

~ BVG Agro Magic: Another natural product which is made from superior nanotechnology – a plant and crop growth booster which helps greatly increase the absorption of existing water and nutrients in plants. It greatly reduces the amount of fertilizers and water needed to be added to the soil also visibly enhancing growth, hardiness, and yield. The entire farming community of India will benefit from the increased yield of crops due to this product.

BVG Agro Nutri: A bio-fertilizer and growth promoter which contains natural amino acids from organic nitrogen that helps boost the synthesis of enzymes and the process of photosynthesis leading to healthy crops, better growth, and yields. A small application of this miraculous bio-fertilizer can increase the yield by 20% to 30%.

~ The combination of BVG Agro Safe, Magic and Nutri will ensure that any agricultural crop will stay protected, will increase the quality and yield of the crop and entire produce will be 100% residue free and completely safe for human consumption. The highlight for the BVG agro products are nontoxic, 100% bio degradable, 100% non-carcinogen, powerful disinfectant, herbal and organic.

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