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3 Things To Expect When TranQuil Transmission Repair Sleeve Launches 2017

2020-02-20 01:15:36 Automotive


Tranco Transmission Repair officially announced today the launch of its transmission repair sleeve. Rumors among observers and die-hard fans in the automotive world are a buzz as the "Live" date of TranQuil is here.

Tranco Transmission Repair will celebrate the launch event by providing a press release announcing the sole dealership rights of the TranQuil product in the state of New Mexico and will be shared far and wide on social media networks. It is their hope that this will be a win for Tranco being the sole dealer in New Mexico. Tranco hopes that other transmission shops will start to incorporate this product in their transmission repairs. Discounts are available to repair shops that order bulk quantities.

Tranco Transmission Repair has also released three things fans, reviewers and critics can expect from this 2017 press release:

First: Folks should expect a big improvement in cost savings. The TranQuil repair sleeve is less expensive than tearing down the entire transmission. The TranQuil transmission sleeve will save the consumer hundreds, and in some cases, even thousands of dollars in repair costs. Cost savings for customers is of utmost importance to Tranco Transmission Repair.

Second: Consumers will save hours in time of repair by having the transmission repair shop install the TranQuil sleeve. There is no need to remove the worn bearing from the transmission as was the case in the "old" days. In turn, the customer can get back on the road quickly--just another value for which Tranco strives. This will ensure the customer does not have to return for the same problem--a MUST for Tranco.

Third: The TranQuil sleeve will last longer than the traditional way of repairing the problem because TranQuil is engineered from the highest grade of hardened steel. The TranQuil sleeve will last longer than the original metal transmission case.

Tranco Transmission Specialists have the TranQuil sleeve in stock. The sleeve works on most makes and models of cars and trucks. TranQuil can also customize sleeve sizes if the standard TranQuil sleeve does not fit the type of vehicle. The TranQuil sleeve comes in a complete kit which includes everything that is needed to make a complete repair of the worn transmission case; thus providing total satisfaction to automotive connoisseurs.

Rob Lowry, Store manager at Tranco Transmission Repair, stated that repair shops are welcome to call and get all the details about the TranQuil product. Transmission repair shops can also order the TranQuil product directly thru Tranco Transmission Repair in New Mexico. Delivery time for the TranQuil sleeve will be expedited by placing orders directly thru Tranco Transmission Repair. Discounts are available for bulk quantity orders.

Please visit: for further information about Tranco Transmission Repair.

For more information about the TrqnQuil sleeve itself, visit

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