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King Nestle Company Speaks Volumes about The Freezing and Quality in the Seafood Products it Offers

2020-05-29 02:55:46 Industry


Xu Lixing, the owner, and founder of King Nestle Company speaks volumes about the key factor, which has helped powerfully to remain us at the number one position in the Seafood Industry. According to him, to be at the cutting-edge of the seafood industry, it is a must to include sheer freshness in the products you supply. Plus, freshness also gigantically contributes to enhancing the savor of a fish. Also, as our anglers are often at sea and other large natural water resources at different places of the world, the first attention they pay inevitably is to dig out only fresh and healthy marine animals. So at the time the fish or any other marine creature we supply to you, you can cross your fingers that the piece has been enjoying a halcyon environment. Even while you sink your teeth into the product, you can guess the incomparable savor. In simple words, we at King Nestle Company use the ‘Frozen At Sea Fish’ technique, which directs to the fact that when our customers consume our supplied seafood products, it is as fresh as the moment it was derived out of the sea.

King Nestle Company is committed to using and marketing licensed Seafood Products of the highest quality in the marketplace. We are tied up several leading fish catching agencies throughout the different countries of the world having seas and other sizable natural water resources. We make sure to enhance the variety of our products to meet the existing and evolving demands of our customers. This ensures that we leave no stone unturned in catering to the needs of our customers.

The comprehensive freezing process takes place within a few hours after fish has been caught:

Our anglers are furnished with high quality and massive nets that is able to catch even the smallest and undeveloped fish.
Once on board, the live caught fish is transferred into containing tanks.
Within an hour, the fish is dragged, emptied, bled and put in ice.
Fish are covered in ice right away to keep up peak originality.
Once filleted, all produce is trimmed and graded, with only the better-quality fillets being selected as per our needs and frozen.
The product is then hived away in a temperature-controlled container.
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King Nestle International Company specializes in supplying of the highest quality frozen seafood products(Golden Pompano). They understand and practice the prime importance of the seafood products highest quality, competitiveness, communication and responsiveness along with highly customer service and dedication to their clients in the seafood business.


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