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A Workshop on Basic Computer Skills Conducted by SSSi Online Tutoring Services

2023-05-28 08:03:49 Education


On the 23rd of May, a workshop on “Basic Computer Skills” was conducted by the highly qualified experts from SSSi Online Tutoring Services for the students of UPAY NGO. In addition, the program was organized by one subject expert and two executives from the organization with the assistance of two volunteers.

It has been observed that the organization conducts a monthly visit to the NGOs to continuously work on the aims and objectives concerning the project “Teach India Movement”. This project comprises several objectives that shed light on the major objectives of providing personalized educational services to the underprivileged students irrespective of their caste, creed and religion. The highly skilled experts from the organization conducted the session online. During the session, the students learned the significance of basic computer skills and their applications in daily routine through verbal interactions and audio-visuals.

One of the senior members of the SSSi organization acclaims that the major aim of the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities is to build up an environment for the student communities belonging to the lower section to enhance their professional computer skills, as this will assist them in achieving their career objectives. The SSSi team focused on engaging students through audio and visual interactive sessions and team-building activities. This would help the students get a brief introduction to the computers, and they could easily implement the same in their routine lives. The experts also conducted several activities in planning the sessions to understand the computer skills, including communication interactions, problem-solving, active listening, creative thinking and many more.

One of the UPAY NGO senior members praises that it was a nice experience with the SSSi organization. It was remarkable how the team organized the session with students on basic computer skills. After the session, the students were interested in knowing more about the topic. At the beginning of the session, the experts began the session with an ice-breaking activity that made the students more interactive and open with everyone during the class. It motivated the students to participate in every activity held during the session. During the questionnaire round, students participated actively in clearing their doubts and sharing their computer skills experiences with the expert. Also, during the online session with the expert, students actively participated by asking questions and answering his questions. The expert presented the basic computer skills with a presentation to better understand the topic.

The organization is looking forward to conducting more such sessions in the near future with the underprivileged students to help them in enhancing their skills. With more experienced experts, the SSSi Online Tutoring Services organization aims to connect more such NGOs in their next visit.

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