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EV Electra Goes Public

2023-05-28 08:55:52 Automotive


November 13, 2021, Amsterdam- EV Electra announces its launch of its publicly traded equity through the formation of a Dutch public company under the name of EV Electra N.V. The shares of the company have been tokenized (digitalized) as ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and have been listed on the World Equity Expo exchange under ticker symbol “EVNOW”. In the near future, the company intends to list its equity on a major European regulated or MTF stock exchange as the next step on its growth path.
With a third-party valuation of the business of approximately EUR 12.5 billion, EV Electra has already received a large number of inquiries regarding the private sales phase of the dematerialized shares.
EV Electra announces the start of its public token sale on Monday, November the 15th 2021 at 12:00 p.m., releasing quantities of tokenized shares for prospectors at a starting price of EUR 11.24.
EV Electra N.V. will invest the net proceeds in further expansions, acquisitions and development to reach a high market share with high quality electrical vehicles and commits to its continued research and development as well as strategic manufacturing operations in different geographical locations.
Availability of EVNOW tokens:

About EV Electra
EV Electra is an automotive manufacturing company known for their Quds cars; (Capital, Rise, Roadster, and Nostrum), with offices in Lebanon, Germany, Canada and as of today in the Netherlands. From the beginning on, the company has committed itself to building battery driven electric vehicles with zero emissions in order to contribute to a cleaner environment. Focused on meaning something to the local community it drove the team to establish in Lebanon its prime manufacturing and research facility. This geographic commitment can be seen as a supportive extension of EV Electra’s mission to grow but not forget its corporate responsibility. Furthermore, the company is committed to plant ten trees for every car sold in local municipalities in conjunction with its production facilities.
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This announcement is a press release and should not be considered to be an offering to the public for purchase of shares on a stock exchange or any other publicly traded format. At a future date a prospectus prepared pursuant to the European Prospectus Directive will be published for this purpose at

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Any third party assumptions and / or judgements may or may not prove to be correct and there can be no assurance that any estimates, targets or projections are attainable. Accordingly, neither the Company nor any member of the Group (nor any of its or their respective directors, partners, employees or advisors) nor any other person, shall give any representation or warranty as to the achievements or reasonableness of future projections, estimates or targets nor will they be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage suffered by any person as a result of relying on any statement in or omission from this press release; any such liability is expressly disclaimed.

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