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SAFTI FIRST Offers On-demand Webinars on Fire-rated Technology

2021-12-09 06:20:31 Industry


Fires are one of the most dangerous threats known on the planet because of the severe damage they can cause to all types of properties. In other cases, it can also cause dire outcomes such as the loss of occupations in a designated building, major injuries, and in some cases, even death.

Luckily, with SAFTI FIRST, interested individuals who want to enhance their fire management and response can now sign up for a webinar that explains everything they need to know about fire safety and fire-rated technology.

Interested participants can use the company’s official website to access the SAFTI webinars and register for an account. Once registered, they have the option of viewing this content in two available formats: Online on-demand recordings or live through scheduled Zoom calls.

For registered users, the online pre-recorded webinars are available to them 24/7 for free. Because of this, it is easily simple to access previous episodes if they want to go back to a point during the event. Users can also watch these webinars at their own pace without needing to worry about when each one will begin live.

On another note, users that opt to watch the live versions of the webinar on Zoom have the chance to interact with the other participants in the meeting. This could be more beneficial for some people if they want to ask specific questions not covered in the guides. Participants may also benefit from the real-time interaction that the experience grants them.

The SAFTI webinars are scheduled based on the availability of the firm, or the designated presenter for that episode. During these events, the company aims to cover essential information regarding the importance of fire resistive glazing products and other related safety measures. It also shows how its products are manufactured to meet thermal performance requirements to test the boundaries of what fire-rated technology can do.

Once a registered participant has successfully completed all the necessary webinars, they are awarded a certificate upon their completion of the program. This can apply to any of the available resources on the SAFTI FIRST website, where the certificate can be granted in real-time as well. Topics discussed include design applications of fire-rated materials, focus on glazing requirements, and many more.

For more information about fire safety through the use of fire-rated products and materials, contact the experts at SAFTI FIRST today to help better protect your property and assets from possible fire damage. Or you can visit their website:


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