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Bel à Vous announces its most affordable & luxurious clothing products for everyone

2021-10-21 11:35:38 Lifestyle


New Delhi, September 25, 2021- Bel à Vous announced today that the women-centric clothing brand is releasing its new wide range of affordable & luxurious clothing products. Bel à Vous’s new collection of clothes are designed and meant for today’s modern and goal-driven empowered women. The new range of clothes has a variety of fresh options available that include beachwears, activewears, dresses & other necessary range of products.

Bel à Vous range of Beachwears, Activewears and Dresses-

The company has created beachwears, activewear, dresses that are super comfortable in fitting and are exemplary in designs and patterns. All of the new range of products have undergone many quality check assessments and are made keeping the new global fashion and trends patterns in mind.
The new clothing range of Bel à Vous is an ideal pick for enthusiastic, fun-loving, and adventurous women. As the new products mainly complement the lifestyle of such women. Clothes are specially designed keeping all the body types and sizes in mind to enable target buyers to choose their desired and favorite clothes irrespective of their body type.

Speaking about the benefits of picking the new range of the Bel à Vous products, our quality assessment team said - “the new range of clothing products of Bel à Vous not only promises fancy-looking & glamours cloths but also delivers the best quality of garment fabric which is very comfortable for regular wear in the most reasonably affordable prices to cater the needs of Indian womens.”

Bel à Vous clothing range is available on their official online stores as well as, customers can buy their products from many international online shopping stores, that includes Amazon Inc also.

CEO Message-

The CEO of the Bel à Vous Miss Kritika Kapoor said in an official statement that- “the company is only aiming to empower and reach the common working-class women who are highly goal-driven, enthusiastic, career-oriented, and want to leave their imprints on society by delivering them quality clothing products that complement their regular & occasional activities.”

About the Bel à Vous Group-

Bel à Vous is the globally leading fashion-based start-up that took birth in 2020 and within the very short span of 1 year, it has now turned into a huge success. Bel à Vous is India’s leading group in providing the most fashionable, super comfortable, best designs & textures women-centric regular and occasional clothing mainly focusing on swimwear and gym wear.

Bel à Vous is the company that was started to reflect the spirit of young, passionate, fun, vibrant, career-oriented fearless women. The primary objective & focus of the company is to provide a range of products that complements the lifestyle and fashion statement of today’s enthusiasts and goal-oriented divas.

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