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RVupgrades Releases New RV Generator Monitoring System

2022-12-06 08:39:25 Automotive


Eastlake, Ohio: The team at RV Upgrades is pleased to announce the release of the Alert Command RV Generator Monitoring System from RV Automations. This system, which represents a welcome addition to their catalog of RV accessories, is capable of sending text alerts through a subscription service and promises to streamline the monitoring and management of RV generator systems and improve the camping experience.

This new system from Alert Command monitors shore power and is capable of auto-starting an RV generator in the event that shore power supply is interrupted, such as in the case of an outage. It is also compatible with an optional temperature sensor whereby it can monitor the internal temperature of your RV. For a nominal subscription, you can opt for a text service that will alert you when shore power has been lost or when your RV’s generator has been started or shut down. No programming or WiFi is required to set up this system, and it requires no modification to your inverter panel or transfer switch. It’s also compatible with any cellular network, which is valuable if you’re interested in the text alert service for additional peace of mind.

The RV Automations Alert Command system offers three modes of operation, being a shore power mode, dry camping mode, and no generator mode, depending on the needs of your camping situation.

In the shore power mode, the system will monitor site shore power and will autostart your generator if power is lost. When power is restored, it will power down your generator. The system will also send automatic text alerts informing you when power has been lost or was restored, as well as when the generator has been switched on or off. If your RV does not have a generator, in no generator mode, the system will monitor your shore power and alert you to when it has been lost or restored - this mode only requires a simple 4-wire connection.

In the dry camping mode, when you’re not connected to shore power, it will monitor the status of your generator and send text alerts when the monitor starts or has stopped running. Please note that it works parallel to Class A Coaches and factory-installed AGS systems.

The RV Automations Alert Command is also capable of remotely monitoring the interior temperature of your RV via a separate sensor that must be purchased separately. The system, which can send a variety of auto-programmed alerts, does not require any complex wiring and is ready to install right out of the box.

The Alert Command System comes as a welcome addition to RV Upgrades’ already comprehensive catalog of RV accessories, including towing accessories, motorhome appliances, water management systems, electrical systems accessories, and countless others. Their team has been outfitting dedicated RVers for almost 20 years and shares the same passion as their customers.

Customers interested in learning more about this new release are encouraged to reach out to RV Upgrades directly. Their customer service team can be reached via phone or email at 866-332-7881 or More information can also be found online at

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