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A Unique Floor Hardener Launched by Wallnut – Zeorich Flooring

2021-10-25 07:22:15 Industry


The first in its series for Wallnut and first requirement in building post concreting is stable level floors to fix tiles, stone, or any other covering such as wooden, epoxy, or PU coatings. In many areas of building customers want to see flooring without any covering with aesthetic appeal and look which is possible with Zeorich Flooring.

Wallnut is introducing Zeorich flooring, which is consists of polymer modified binder, recycled crushed basalt sand & natural floor hardener. This unique combination provides the customer with a long-lasting solution to crate stable floors. Zeorich flooring products are most sought-after, which can be used before fixing of tile & stone to create a very strong base or by using mineral floor hardener, the flooring can be kept open and can be used as an overlay. The Zeorich product range will transform the entire experience of the tile & stone fixing process with ease of doing work at the site.

Today, most of the building industry is using normal cement: sand mix for the creation of tiles & stone bed in absence of ready to use quality material. Wallnut Zeorich Base & Zeorich Basalt together not only will provide a strong base to tile & stone but also will guarantee the final strength of bed mortar and screed with assured compressive strength.

Zeorich ready to use binder will create different kinds of high-quality base floor with the final desired quality which can perform within 24 hours to fix on top any kind of tiles / stable stone or any other coverings.

By using Zeorich Base HD, a ready to use non-metallic floor hardener, over Zeorich floor screed, the final floor can have double the strength and become highly abrasion-resistant to have any kind of direct impact or traffic on the floor.

The floor base is made with Zeorich Base (floor screed) & Zeorich Base HD is very strong, smooth finish, and ready for tiling or stone in just 24 hours or can be kept open for direct use.

Zeorich Range of product consist of the following products:

Zeorich Base – Heavy-duty binder for the screed.
Zeorich Basalt – natural recycled sand
Zeorich Base HD – Non-metallic floor hardener.
Zeorich Technology

floor hardenerThrough innovative formulation development, Wallnut manufactures products that offer more value to our customers. In line with keeping its belief for high-quality products, Wallnut manufacture and develop all its product range with national & International norms such as (ISO), European (EN) and ANSI (American) & other equivalent norms.

Wallnut follows cutting-edge technology to create products keeping its end users in mind as product usage are different based on Diverse surfaces, Diverse construction areas, diverse temperatures, and heavyweight. Wallnut emphasizes the following technology while producing Zeorich Range:

Extra Heavy-Duty Technology:

Meticulously made for excellent compressive strength which gives strong flooring solutions for diverse areas.

High-Performance Technology:

Technology applied for all-weather, long-duration performance to cater to all needs for performance-based requirements.

The key advantage of Zeorich Flooring:

Certified compressive strength as per mix design ranging from 15N/mm2 till > 30N/mm2. Flexural strength of > 6.5 Mpa.
Suitable for external & internal areas as underlay or overlay by using Zeorich Base HD – A heavy-duty floor hardener.
No shrinkages once fully dry.
No water curing is required.
Fully dry in 24 hours with moisture less than 3%
Thickness is as low as 25 mm. till 75 mm. in a single go or more.
Best in class abrasion resistance with loss of thickness just < 1.5 mm after abrasion.
Zeorich Base HD – very heavy-duty non-metallic floor hardener with compressive strength of > 40 Mpa.
No rusting on the top surface of Zeorich flooring in the case kept open.
Low water absorption and porosity compared to the traditional concrete surface.
Maintenance and cleaning of the floor become easy in long run.
Low VOC and suitable for green building.

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