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Simco Shares Points to Note Before Buying Commercial Soup Kettles

2021-11-24 02:14:22 Industry


A new blog has been recently published by Simco on its website, sharing a few points that kitchen owners need to note and consider before buying a commercial soup kettle for their kitchen. The company has written this blog with the help of researchers and writers who possess the requisite knowledge and hands-on experience needed in commercial kitchen equipment such as soup kettles. They have written this blog to provide knowledge among the food establishment owners to consider some things thoroughly before buying the product.

According to a prominent employee of the company, "We all know that stew steamers are indispensable to many businesses. However, what we do not encourage is buying products without thinking twice about certain aspects, such as their relevance in the kitchen, their ideal size and whether they are the right investment for the owner to make at that time."

According to the blog, finding the suitable boiler size for the kitchen is the first thing a company may want to do before buying this equipment. Next, the organisation should know the volume of stew carried by these appliances & find the proper equipment for the workplace after considering the broth sales. The write-up also provides an example of an ideal steamer for different businesses, where it says that a broth workplace will require a large appliance, whereas food prep units such as salad bars need small boilers. It also states that the website is the leading soup kettle supplier in Sydney & Perth.

The stew boiler requirement in the kitchen is another crucial point to consider as per the said content. The blog states that there are multiple models of the product available. While these units have specific features that make them indispensable, one model cannot be used for different sectors. The content elaborates that various businesses, such as hospitality venues, restaurants and cafes, pubs, clubs and supermarkets, require other steamer models. Therefore, the company has to select the relevant item for their workplace judiciously.

The Simco content team has also focused on the essential element of checking the thermostatic temperature controls. It also elaborates on the advantages of the thermostatic controls, such as their ability to set temperatures per requirement, maintain precise temperatures for food items, and remove bacteria and other infectious particles by providing heating power. According to the blog, the soup kettle also takes care of heating & holding food items at a specific temperature for display spaces while specifying that the models only having on/off switches should be utilised for short-term rather than the whole day.

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