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Encardio-rite Collaborates with CGEOS to bring Geotechnical and Geodesy Together

2021-11-28 05:14:26 Industry


A revolutionary collaboration between Encardio Group of Companies and CGEOS is bringing Geodesy and Geotech together, allowing clients to access the complete spectrum of services in a single place. As the leading companies in their respective field, their association offers advanced solutions for safety monitoring, risk management and sustainability of megastructures like high rise buildings, super towers, dams, mines and bridges etc.

Geotechnical Engineering is a branch of civil engineering concerned with the behaviour of earth materials and the mechanism of soil and rock. It defines the physical, mechanical, and chemical properties of soil and rocks, which helps in designing the foundation and retaining structures. As everything around us is supported by soil or rock, Geotechnical Engineering is an integral branch in human efforts towards development.

Geotechnical engineering investigates the engineering parameters of soil and rock, concluding how it will react with new construction. Geotechnical monitoring examines the geotechnical, hydrological and geological dangers to humans, property and the environment involved with every kind of construction or renovation. For the accurate analysis of construction sites, slopes, retaining structures, roadways, tunnels, bridges, groundwater, landfills, etc, geotechnical instruments are needed.

Encardio-rite Group of Companies is a World leader in safety monitoring, providing geotechnical instrumentation. It is one of the only companies offering sensors including piezometers & inclinometers, data loggers, and databases for online data visualisation. It not only provides world-class products and solutions but also in-depth information, unparalleled customer service and expert advice to its clients.

As an established brand with a global footprint, Encardio-rite specialises in tunnel monitoring, dam monitoring, structural monitoring, deep excavation monitoring, groundwater monitoring, bridge monitoring, landslide monitoring, mine monitoring, etc. With 55 years of expertise, state-of-the-art in-house manufacturing and design facilities, it has provided high-quality products and innovative online solutions to numerous landmark projects Worldwide.

Engineering geodesy is the creation of geodetic information necessary for the projects, design, control of the correct construction, and monitoring of deformations. Geodesy is the science of accurate measurement and understanding the three fundamental properties of the Earth - the geometric shape, its orientation in space, and gravity field.

CGEOS Creative Geosensing SPRL has decades of worldwide expertise in engineering geodesy and high precision positioning applications that includes setting up positioning infrastructures (GNSS Network, Ultrawide Band UWB) and providing guidance during the construction of mega civil engineering projects.

Together, CGEOS and Encardio-rite have become a trusted group, providing turn-key real-time monitoring solutions for small to large scale infrastructure projects. We would be working together to provide unique solutions, adding more value to the project with unparalleled customer service.
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