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London Catering Supplies explains the importance of Safety Storage & Handling of Food Items

2021-11-27 12:54:04 Industry


London Catering Supplies is a reputed food wholesaler of quality food and disposable food containers & cleaning materials offers bespoke solutions to all types of catering industries in greater London has recently explained the importance of safe storage of food products and safe handling of food items in details.

Oxgate Lane, London – 27 May 21 – London Catering Supplies is one of the highly-rated drinks suppliers in London and the most reliable food wholesaler incorporated in 2017. They are fully committed to delivering the best quality services for an affordable price.

To highlight the company’s workflow, the director Mr Minoo Hamidi mentioned as “Our mission is to continue to provide complete satisfaction to all of our customers through the prompt and reliable supply of high-quality products and services.”

The director of London Catering Supplies Mr Minoo Hamidi quoted as “We are committed to providing the best quality wholesale food online, also our great services along with low prices will help us make great strides in the future.” This clearly shows what intention of one of the leading food suppliers London, London Catering Supplies functions.

In a recent statement released by the leading food packaging suppliers in the UK, London Catering Suppliers highlighted the importance of safe handling of food items in safety storages and while handling it. Contaminated foods due to Microbes and adulterated foods are the major responsible for food-borne illnesses.

Here are the lists of points shared by London Catering Supplies regarding Safety Storage & Handling of Food Items.

• Raw food and cooked food must be stored separately while storing in the fridge. Else, the presence of microbes from the raw food will contaminate the cooked food easily.

• The most important factor to be aware of when it comes to food storage is the temperature danger zone (5 to 60 degree Celsius). Because in this temperature food-poisoning bacteria grow or multiply at fast.

• Should take extra care on the high-risk foods like raw/cooked meat, dairy products, eggs, seafood, cooked rice, and so on while storing it. Because these foods have a high risk of growing food-poisoning bacteria.

• Always choose non-toxic containers for storing food items while storing foods. Else, there would be a high risk of food products contamination.

To know more about the safe storage and safe handling of food items, consult the experts of London Catering Supplies.

About London Catering Supplies

London Catering Supplies, one of the leading food wholesalers, offers a wide range of beverage food products along with disposable food containers and cleaning materials. They offer bespoke solutions to meet the requirements of all types of food catering companies with high-quality and reliable food products with complete customer satisfaction.

To know more about them to order food products, feel free to dial 0203 291 2918 or reach them through their official website

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