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Indonesian Marine Engineering Company, PT ANUGERAH ATLANTIK Relaunches Its Website

2021-11-26 04:16:36 Industry


PT. ANUGERAH ATLANTIK has announced relaunching its website The website showcases PT. ANUGERAH ATLANTIK services, offering Kubus Apung and Dermaga Apung installation in Indonesia.

Indonesian Marine Engineering company based in Sidoarjo, East Java, PT. ANUGERAH ATLANTIK is proud to announce the relaunching of its website The purpose of the website relaunching is to introduce the brand to the right prospective market as well as showcasing its services, kubus apung provider, and dermaga apung installation. The company offers comprehensive service from design, fabrication, delivery to the installation of Kubus Apung HDPE.

Modular Float System, also known as kubus apung is a quick and affordable solution for floating construction. Kubus apung is made of High-density polyethene (HDPE) that is easy to install and safe for the environment. PT. ANUGERAH ATLANTIK Sidoarjo can create a floating construction with Kubus Apung HDPE and provide consultation service for companies or individuals who want to create affordable kubus apung in Indonesia. The company ensures that their clients will get floating construction as requested. And they will also assist from design to installation. Therefore, the clients will get the best services from PT. ANUGERAH ATLANTIK.

PT. ANUGERAH ATLANTIK representative explained, “We have been serving Kubus Apung HDPE

for over ten years in many areas in Indonesia. With our relaunch website, we strive to be the best kubus apung provider and dermaga apung installation service provider in Indonesia.” PT. ANUGERAH ATLANTIK has been providing a Modular Float System since 2011 and has worked with many clients for many industries. They can provide a wide range of kubus apung/modular float systems for various purposes. They include floating piers, floating bridges, floating houses, floating swimming pools, supporting engineering work, and many more.

In addition to the dermaga apung HDPE installation service, the company guarantees their kubus apung products quality. They ensure that PT. ANUGERAH ATLANTIK kubus apung solution is ideal for its clients’ needs and long-lasting for many projects across Indonesia. The company has a strong and robust management foundation to provide excellent service and a timely schedule.


PT. ANUGERAH ATLANTIK is a Kubus Apung provider based in Indonesia. Kubus apung, also known as Modular Float System, is a floating product made of High-density Polyethylene (HDPE) that connects together to form a square. Thus it can be used for many purposes, including dermaga apung/floating piers, floating bridges, floating houses, swimming pools, and many more. Modular Float System is the fastest solution for those who want to get a quick and affordable Modular Float System solution. The company was established in 2011 and serves its service across the country, from West Indonesia to East Indonesia. For more information about PT. ANUGERAH ATLANTIK and its kubus apung products, please visit



Ruko Valencia Ruko Valencia Blok AC no. 08 Kelurahan Gemurung

Kecamatan Gedangan

Sidoarjo 61254

Phone and whatsapp:0853-3102-0515


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