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Slankers is All Restoked with Its Most Unique and World’s Healthiest Omega 3 Meats

2022-09-23 01:05:28 Miscellaneous


Powderly, Texas: Omega 3 Meats are in trend and as of now, Slankers is the only place you can get them. That said, Slankers just made the announcement that every meat lover wanting the world’s healthiest omega 3 meats had been waiting to hear from them.

Slanker Grass Fed Meats announced their latest restocks and they include all the varieties of omega 3 chickens, omega 3 turkeys, and omega 3 pork. Announcing their restocks, Ted Slanker, CEO and Founder of SGFM said, “We are very glad that people are loving our meats and we hate to make our customers wait. So, here we are, all restocked with our healthiest and most unique omega 3 chickens, omega 3 turkeys, and omega 3 pork. We are eager to cater your orders.”

With the announcement made, Slankers is going to have some really busy days ahead of them!

About the Company

Slanker Grass Fed Meats is a ranch store based in the USA, engaged in supplying the world’s healthiest and most unique meats at the doorsteps of their customers since 1999. They aim to promote healthier foods that also suppress the cravings for delicious meals and their grass fed meats do that in a great and brilliantly awesome manner. Slankers is basically a one stop destination for all the needs for healthy meats.


Company :-Slanker Grass Fed Meat

User :- Ted Slanker


Phone :-9037324653

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