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Adriatic Tanker Expands Its Service Areas Across the Globe

2021-10-25 12:03:26 Industry


Adriatic Tanker is one of the successful shipping vessel companies in the world. The company is currently expanding its branches all over the world.

Adriatic Tanker, a leading Greece maritime company, has been established since the 1980s. It has been successfully providing shipping vessels for oil and goods transportation across the globe. With good management and strong leadership of the founder Panagis Zissimatos, the company has become a maritime company with International scope. They also established their branch offices in the major maritime centers such as Houston USA, London, and Rotterdam. Also in Asia regions such as Korea, Japan, and Singapore. 

In the middle 1980 to 1995, Adriatic Tanker fulfilled oil shipping and transportation demands with over 100 vessels and more than 1,500 trained employees. According to the report, in the 1982 period, Greek shipping plunged into a severe crisis. The fleet's size decreased dramatically, and more than 30% of the fleet was rested, and many Greek shipping companies were bankrupt. The world recession is the main cause of the crisis. It leads to regulation, subsidization, protectionism, and the growth of new competition in the shipping market. Fortunately, the Greek shipping, with its long history and the expertise, experience, diligence, and supreme opportunism of its dynamic shipowners, were able to survive the crisis.

In 2020, the global maritime trade plunged by 4.1% because of the unprecedented disruption caused by COVID-19. According to the expert, maritime trade growth will return to positive territory and expand by 4.8% in 2021, assuming world economic output recovers. The Maritime shipping experience declined early this year as government measures are being used to limit economic activity and travel restricted to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many shipping entrepreneurs are currently using cloud-based software to deal with the pandemic. Thanks to these technological advances, the software allows companies to optimize the management of their entire fleet, improve their communications, automate their processes, increase operational efficiency, improve their business performance, and lower costs in many areas of the business.

About Adriatic Tanker

Adriatic Tanker is a reliable and robust maritime company based in Greece, a leading ship-owning economy country. The company headquarter in Piraeus, Greece, and has been established since the middle of the 1980s. The company was established by Panagis Zissimatos, a Greek entrepreneur and company's founder with strong leadership and good management skills. With the vast experience of the founder Adriatic Tanker, it becomes one of the maritime companies that are strong from any crisis.

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