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Roller Banner UK Guides You On Where And How To Put Up A Roller Banner

2021-10-25 12:02:52 Industry


Not every person who orders or buys roller banner knows how to put it up. It can be a bit confusing as to what to do with the stand, where to put it up, what does it exactly do, etc. Roller Banner UK is a printing company offering outdoor banner printing, pull up banner printing, pop up poster, pop up banner stand, cheap banner printing, etc. Printing becomes much easier with them as they have a wide variety of roll up banner design or pop up banner design to choose from.

Roller Banner UK will guide you through simple steps of how to put up a roller banner.

Every roller banner stand has support poles. These poles need to be attached at the base and the top properly. There is a hole provided at the base, which will allow the pole to easily slip in. The pole will then easily slot into it. If this doesn’t happen, the banner will keep leaning forward. It will also not look good at the time of using it. This is one of the most common reasons why a banner often leans forward. Just check if the pole has been slotted properly or not. It is quite easy to fix.

The banner is then supposed to be pulled from the clip rail. You will then have to attach it to the top of the rail. At the time of pulling this banner up, you will have to tilt it a little bit. This is done to easily reach the top. Now you can easily make the banner stand up straight and make sure that it stays like that.

If there are leg on the banner, twist them out. Swing them out from under the stand. The legs are really important as they help the roller banner stand up in a certain position.

The legs need to be swung out at 90 degrees. At this position, you can make sure that the banner will easily remain stable and stand on its own. If the legs are only partially out, there is a chance that the banner will topple over.

It is important that you know what kind of roller banner you have ordered. Most roller banners have the same kind of mechanism for setting up, but there can be some that might have a different way of setting up and making the roller banner stand. Understand the roller banner stand mechanism first and then try to make it stand on its legs.

At the time of pushing the pole into the base, make sure you push the correct end into the cassette. The pole is inserted into the socket. But the pole must go all the way through the socket, without this the roller banner will not be able to stand on its own. This is a significant step in the process.

At the time of pulling out the graphic from the banner, make sure you do not let go and let the banner snap back. If this happens, it will only damage your banner. Sometimes this damage is irreparable. While pulling the banner vertically, make sure you are not dragging the edges of the banner with the sides of the cassette. Ensure that the top rail is properly hooked onto the pole. You can also tilt the banner backwards. This way it becomes easier to reach the banner.


Once you follow these steps, your outdoor banners uk will be ready to go. But before you start setting up your roller banner, you must read these steps carefully. Familiarise yourself with the roller banner mechanism and different parts of the roller banner. If you know about these parts in advance, it becomes easier for you to set up the roller banner. If you cannot do it alone, make sure to receive help from someone. No matter how you do it, do not let the roller banner snap back otherwise it will damage the banner. Roller Banner UK helps you not only with the printing of banners, but also makes you understand how to set them up. They have some of the best designs and materials for all kind of printing needs. Visit:

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