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Ahmad A Najar Introduces Web Technology as Solution for Food and Restaurant Business

2021-10-25 11:22:31 Industry


Ahmad A Najar, a successful entrepreneur, began his business journey when he found Catchfood an food delivery app for restaurants. Now, Catchfood is among the top 100 global startups in 2019.   

Ahmad A Najar has proven his expertise as a reliable food tech entrepreneur and one of the top figures in agriculture, food, and technology. Ahmad has successfully established two platforms in terms of food and agriculture. As the CEO of Catchfood (, an application company that aims to connect foodies to restaurants and their menus, Ahmad has successfully expanded his CatchFood food delivery service to the global level. Besides servicing the United States area, it also serves Jordan, Iraq, Palestine, Syria, and Lebanon. Other than that, he also established, an Arab agricultural site that connects people interested in agriculture and all things associated with it. 

Ahmad A Najar is a tech entrepreneur who specializes in web technology and development. He began CatchFood, when at his family’s Greek food Restaurant, he started thinking about a new web technology to help with order management during peak hours. Then Catchfood, a food delivery platform, established in 2015. Catchfood is available for Android devices, it  connects foodies and restaurants nearby. The platform is easy to use and has a comprehensive network (around 10,000 restaurants available), it has become popular nowadays. Big brands like KFC, Pizza Hut, Burger King, Papa John’s, and many others have also joined the platform. 

Besides Catchfood, Ahmad A Najar also established It is an Arab Agricultural platform that connects people interested in agriculture to change ideas, increase knowledge, and communicate with other people in the agriculture industry, such as farmers, intellectuals, and engineers. It allows people to increase their knowledge and communicate with professionals in agriculture.

About Ahmad A Najar 

Ahmad A Najar is CatchFood’s CEO, a web-based and app food delivery service. He graduated from  Al-Quds Open University, An Najah National University, and Washington State University. His food delivery app, CatchFood, is one of the successful startups that has handled over 6 million orders and 2 million subscribers. Currently, Catchfood is also expanding and serving countries such as Jordan, Palestine, Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon. Ahmad A Najar is a sibling of Atieh A Najar and Riyad A Najar. For more information about Ahmad A Najar, please visit


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