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Another Launch By Wallnut - Zeorich Premium Wall Putty

2021-10-24 09:50:05 Industry


Another premium product by Wallnut, Premium Wall Putty made with Zeorich Technology soon going to hit the market. The most sought-after product by consumer already made its name in market and it is a product of every day need. Wallnut Zeorich technology which perfectly complement its product range for surface preparation and Zeorich Wall Putty made from high-quality imported polymers & resin, recycled mineral & high-quality pure white cement provide a right solution to customers. This unique combination provide customer a long- lasting solution to crate stable surfaces for walls & ceiling. Zeorich Wall Putty can be used before painting on any cement surface on walls or ceiling and as added advantage, Zeorich Wall Putty also can be used as final surface finish product without any paint application.
Zeorich ready to use Wall Putty will create high quality of gloss surface in single or two coats with final desired surface finish.
By using Zeorich Wall Putty, over walls, the final wall surface will have excellent tensile adhesion, abrasion resistance and high quality of water resistance.
Walls & Ceilings made with Zeorich Wall Putty are very strong, gloss finish and ready for paint or other application in just 48 to 72 hours. The final finish surface also can be kept open for direct use.
Zeorich Wall Putty consist of following high quality features:

Zeorich Wall Putty come with assurance of very high quality and in compliance with world best standard for Wall Putty such as HDB (Housing & Development Board of Singapore) and EN (European Norms) test method. Zeorich Wall Putty not only meet such international standard but surpass them in order to be best local performing material in the given temperature across Asian Continent. Only Zeorich Wall Putty can be used in thickness of as minimum of 0.5 mm. and as maximum of 1.5 mm. in single coat.
Apart from high performance graph on quality, Zeorich Wall Putty also surpasses using very high-quality raw material. The special raw material selected, such as high grade of Carbonates (Caco3) to guarantee the highest ease & best workability of working at site with very high coverages among cement-based Wall Putty. When it comes to colour and whiteness, Zeorich Wall Putty withstands the best in its class for whiteness across industry.
Yet, inspite of very high quality, Zeorich Wall Putty is economic and can be used for all kind of cement or other stable surfaces.
High Performance Technology:
Technology applied for all weather, long-duration performance to cater to all need for performance-based requirements.

Pure White Technology:
High degree of whiteness in the product ensure that final finished surface are glossy, smooth and provide highest transparency of product applied over it.

Water Resistance Technology:
product made to be water resistance in all weather conditions to provide long-lasting performance against any water seepage and provide surface which does not absorb from covering product and guarantee the highest coverage.

High Quality Tensile Polymers:
product made with high quality Tensile polymers provide excellent adhesion over surface with minimal thickness such as 0.5 mm. These polymers ensure that final produce layer does not leave the surface even after long period of use and ageing.

Extra Gloss Technology:
Product, made to create perfect finish with the best of shine on the surface by adding extra gloss to the final surface.

Wallnut Key Green Technology:
Recycle raw material.
VOC Compliance (Very Low Organic Compounds)
100% suitable to recycle even after expiry.
Highly suitable for all kind of green buildings.

Focal points:
Ready to use Zeorich Wall Putty by simply adding water.
Long Pot Life
Long open time
High Performance
Water Resistance
Very High coverage
No Water curing needed.
Suitable for interior as well for exterior.

Usable substrates:
Cement Plaster, Concrete, Cement mortar and similar surfaces.
Intended for walls, ceiling, internal and external applications, and so forth.

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