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RVupgrades Announces Upcoming Release of RV Whisper

2022-07-02 07:24:26 Automotive


Eastlake, Ohio: RVupgrades will soon begin selling RV Whisper, an innovative new solution that will enable conscientious RV owners to keep an eye on their RVs while they are not present. The system is ideal for owners who want to monitor their RVs while they are away, such as when their RVs are situated in camp.
RV Whisper is a unique device that is capable of monitoring batteries, shore power, water leaks, whether or not doors are open, and more, all remotely. It’s also ideal for pet owners who like to keep a close watch on the comfort of their pets who stay behind in the camper while they are away from it during the day. As it connects to your RV’s WiFi, it can be configured to send updates directly to your phone, tablet, or computer.

Among the unique features of RV whisper are some of the following items that it can remotely monitor and address. It can monitor propane levels to see how much has been used throughout the day, at the same time as it monitors the temperature inside of the RV. In addition, it allows the user to check the status of your RV battery health, as well as if the RV’s solar panels have been adequately charging it throughout the day.

RV Whisper also monitors fridge and freezer temperatures so you can make sure they have been running at cold enough levels throughout the day, increasing food safety. In addition, with an RV Whisper Monitor Station, you can also keep an eye on tire pressure, tank levels, humidity, and even any motion sensors that are inside of your RV.

This unique solution gives RV owners peace of mind, monitoring each area of concern via Bluetooth sensors before consolidating the information and sending it to you via email or text. As an added level of security, it collects data via a number of different sensors associated with each monitored area.

RV Upgrades’ mission has consistently been to provide the best possible customer experience by offering the RV accessories and experience that customers need to make informed decisions and to improve their experience while they are on the road or in camp. This announcement represents a welcome addition to RV Upgrades’ already comprehensive collection of motorhome accessories and RV supplies.

From essential camper accessories like holding tank treatments and spare drinking water hoses to kitchen accessories and similarly innovative products like complex tire pressure monitoring systems, RV Upgrades is an all-in-one shop for RV owners looking for better equipment and camping accessories to improve their camping experience.

RV Upgrades also offers consistently low prices and fast shipping, both of which improve the customer experience. As a consultative resource, RV Upgrades provides colorful, in-depth product descriptions that answer many customer queries before they arise, but when they do RV Upgrades’ helpful customer service team is only a call or email away - they even provide live chat services to their customers on their website,

Any customers with questions regarding this release or about RV Upgrades’ catalog, in general, are asked to forward them to RV Upgrades via an email to or by phone at 866-332-7881.

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