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Mobile-home/ RV Repairs never been this easy before.

2022-08-13 02:16:29 Automotive


Bridgeport, Connecticut- September 8, 2020, – Mobile-home/ RV repair is something that every RVer will encounter one way the other. Mobile-home/ RV repair can vary either you take your rig to nearest RV dealer or repair shop or call any RV repair specialist to visit you at your home or any campground. In both cases you will have to spend a lot of money. However, if you’re the DIY type you can also perform repairs yourself using some best products available on the RV market. Doing this can save you a lot of money too.

Jim Cook, the General Manager of Carpenter’s Campers in Pensacola, Florida, noted in an interview with WEAR-TV that “They (RVers) were sitting home for a month and now that the gates are open they are getting their RVs serviced, getting their maintenance done.”

Earlier Mobile-home/ RV repairs were not as simple as some may think of as there were many issues which bother the RVers particularly in the area of roof maintenance. But Mobile-home/ RV roof repair & maintenance is now easier than ever before due to the fact that there are more RV-specific resources now available like roof coatings for RV. RV Roof Magic is a source for just about anything you could imagine in regards to Mobile RV maintenance or roof repairs in particular. RV Roof Magic solvent base coating is simply more convenient, durable, and time-effective than other water-based roof coatings.


RV Roof Magic is specially formulated coating for RV’s Trailers and Mobile homes that demand a highly flexible material as RV enthusiast travel throughout the year. It’s a highly flexible Aliphatic with a 77% volume solids and tensile strength 600 PSI. With over a 15-year history of success RV Roof Magic has helped thousands RV enthusiast get a new roof for a fraction of the cost of roof replacement.

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