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Patch 1.13.5 is Now Live in WOW Classic

2022-08-11 12:14:07 Automotive


WOW Classic Patch 1.13.5 is now available, it brings major and minor changes and includs some major changes to the raid.

The patch prepares the client for some of the biggest changes for novices, those who have alts, or just those who don’t like raids. This is in the form of 2 items in the dungeon set, the dungeon mission line and the supplier. All these items will be provided with the Ahn’Qiraj event on July 28th. wow classic gold for sale

For those who may not remember, this long task sequence allows wow gold players to gradually upgrade their Dungeon Set 1 to Dungeon Set 2, also known as Tier 0.5 in the community. In this way, the scene can be replaced with a more powerful upgrade function without the need for a large-scale raid. Although in Classic, the entire attack scene is indeed much easier than in the original game, there are still some players who are more willing to play the game content without having to participate in such a large event-this is a perfect choice for them.

Having said that, to complete the entire set of Dungeon 2 is a long and expensive process that requires the completion of multiple long task chains, a large number of gold coins and the cultivation of various components in the world. For those who don’t like raids, or for those who want to have all the available levels in the game, this is still a great choice.

In addition to the new dungeon set, the loot table has also been updated, giving players the opportunity to have more epic items. Similarly, some highly sought-after items that did not appear in the game dungeon until the end of the year have not appeared in the game until now, and "Relic" brings the most important items among them. The relic was originally released in patch 1.10.0 and was sought after as a bonus for certain spells and abilities. Three types will be provided in Classic, including Idols for Druids, Librams for Paladins, and Totems for Shamans, which makes many ultimate dungeons worth visiting.

Finally, gamers are eagerly looking forward to several other important features in the game. For beginners, you can finally get Nexus Crystals by disassembling Epic items. These items are essential for the strongest enchantment in the game, and with the players' fierce attacks on Ahn'Qiraj, there will definitely be high demand. Wizard oil and Mana oil have also been added to the game, which is very useful for raiding the caster if they can buy wow gold classic.

Readers can view the complete list of patch notes on the official website, including some bug fixes, some changes to the PvP battlefield, and authentication package slots.
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