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Jade Scientific Releases Its First 3-Minute COVID-19 IgG/IgM Rapid Test Kit

2021-01-27 12:02:51 Industry


Jade Scientific; a laboratory supply partner serving the scientific and industrial markets announced lately they issued a novel Coronavirus Instant Test Kit doing a screening of the deadly virus and giving accurate results within a few minutes. This FDA EUA Authorized COVID-19 “Coronavirus” IgG/IgM Rapid Test Kit conducts test by taking a small finger-prick blood sample, inserting it in the middle well of the cassette and then by adding 2 to 3 drops of the buffer in the labeled as “B” buffer well. The minimum of the 100 test purchase is obligatory to benefit from the cost-effectiveness of a COVID-19 detection kit along with the complimentary disposable lancets.

As the epidemiological coronavirus surges across everywhere, health officials are mobilizing altogether to stop this transmission. Thousands of people have already lost their lives because of the outspread of this novel virus, and healthcare officials are subsequently putting their best to save lives. Even though a lot of therapies and potential vaccines are under the way, presently, there is no cure to it irrespective of testing more and getting the treatment done. The picture has entirely changed now for diagnostics, with Jade scientific coming with Coronavirus Instant Test Kit breaking the testing bottlenecks. Testing with the COVID-19 IgG/IgM Rapid Test Kit has become increasingly available and distributed to laboratories around the globe to suppress the outspread of the virus and address the supply chain challenges most effectively.

Jade Scientific’s, Inc. spokesperson lately stated, “We are pretty happy and delighted to play our part in stopping/limiting the spread of this pandemic altogether with coronavirus detection kit and get the tests done for this novel virus by our nation’s healthcare professionals in the least time, offering a longer shelf life of up to 24 months. Further, he adds, as we face this global challenge, I would like to pay the utmost gratitude to our team and want to appreciate each of them for working hard tirelessly while upholding the values to help our nation’s healthcare professionals in steering this COVID journey.”

"About Jade Scientific"
Jade Scientific is a global laboratory supply leader rendering flexibility, and resourcefulness, which is unprecedented for its clients and completely different from the rest. The knowledge of our superior independent professionals tends to serve all the scientific and industrial markets by rendering more than 70,000 optimum and best quality supplies and equipment.

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