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AQCMS Specifies the Unified Requirements for New and Remanufactured Cartridges

2020-06-06 01:38:34 Industry


Moscow, May 18, 2020. Association of Quality Consumables Manufacturers and Suppliers is ready to recommend to the Russian buyers cartridges of any manufactures if those cartridges are providing quality printing, are environmentally safe, and are suitable for remanufacturing and reuse.
On 18th of May, this year, Association of Quality Consumables Manufacturers and Suppliers (AQCMS) held an on-line conference with participation by the members of the Association and a number of representatives from state organizations and large commercial enterprises. During the conference the reports were heard from the heads of Expert Councils on the results of tests of new-built cartridges present on the Russian market; also the necessary requirements for the use of new and remanufactured cartridges by state and large commercial organizations were discussed.
The participants of the conference have heard the following reports:
- by Belikov A.E. and Danilogorskaya J.A., the heads of the Expert Council on Environmental Safety, regarding the list and critical values of environmental parameters that require control in newly-built and remanufactured cartridges, supplied on the Russian market for needs of the large Russian organizations and commercial structures;
- - by Malinskiy S.V., President of AQCMS, the head of Expert Council on Informational Safety, and the head of Information Agency “Business-Inform” on the test results of the most popular new-built cartridges presented on the Russian market acquired during the work within the framework of state contracts during 2019-2020.
After listening to and discussion of the reports the participants of the conference expressed their concern regarding the presence on the Russian market of the large number of cheap and low-quality new-built cartridges violating RoHS and REACH requirements, not suitable for remanufacturing or recycling. The participants noted that they understand the reasons stipulating the current situation on the Russian market, however, low-quality products not only compromise all the non-OEM products on the whole on the Russian market, but in fact hinder the development of the Russian production and creating of new jobs in the industry. The participants of the conference have recommended to highlight the list of low-quality and non-eco-friendly new-built cartridges in the state report of Information Agency “Business-Inform” for visible demonstration of the aforementioned brands of cartridges in the lists of public bid-winners in 2019.
The participants of the conference made a decision to recommend Russian state and commercial organizations the procurement of new and remanufactured cartridges of confirmed quality (this being defined not only by the quality itself but by the range of other important characteristics).
“We are ready to recommend for large Russian companies the new-built cartridges of Russian and International manufacturing, if they have good printing quality, are ecologically safe and suitable for successful remanufacturing. All the above-stated characteristics of new-built cartridges must be confirmed by testing, done by Russian expert organizations based on methods legitimate on the territory of Russia. Absolutely the same requirements are applied to remanufactured cartridges”. – told the President of AQCMS, Malinskiy S.V.
Also the participants have recommended to Mr. Malinskiy S.V., the President of AQCMS and to Belikov A.E. and Danilogorskaya J.A., the heads of the Expert Council on Environmental Safety to continue their work on organizing meetings with the representatives of state and large commercial organizations for discussing the issues of practical usage of AQCMS recommendations during procurements in 2020-2021.

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