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Venom Motorsports has unleashed the Venom X22 motorcycle

2022-08-11 01:45:12 Automotive


Venom Motorsports, the most renowned North American distributor and dealer of motorsports, has finally unleashed the all-new Venom X22 125cc motorcycle . Venom Motorsports announced the addition of an entirely new motorcycle mid-2019. Finally, the customers have got what they were promised in the form of the sturdy and stylish Venom X22 motorcycle.

Venom Motorsports is Canada’s prominent dealer and distributor with a gigantic warehouse that is spread over 40,000 square feet. Founded in 2009, Venom Motorsports has emerged as one of the most trusted and popular motorsports dealers in North America. Venom Motorsports has a wide range of products, and that’s why they act as one-stop-shop for all your motorsports needs. From different types of motorsports like pocket bikes, ATVs, to motorsports parts, Venom Motorsports has got everything that motorsports buff wishes for.

The all-new Venom X22 motorcycle is an addition to the full-size motorcycle bike range. This 125cc motorcycle is basically a ninja motorcycle, and it is completely street legal. Currently, it is available in only the iconic green colour, and it comes with a one-year parts replacement warranty. The best part about this bike is it reaches 98% assembled, and that’s why the customer doesn’t have to deal with assembling the motorcycle before enjoying their first ride. If the customers want the new Venom x22 motorcycle to be shipped within 24 hours, then they will need to pay an extra $89.

This new age full-size motorcycle is completely street legal and has a four-stroke 125cc four-speed manual transmission. The top speed of this stylish looking motorcycle is 75MPH, and that’s the perfect speed for adventure and fun while staying safe. But the new bike is not only about being fast and powerful as it is very stylish as well. The black rims and the black chains, along with the bright green paint all over the body, make it stand out from the crowd.

During the launch event of the Venom X22 motorcycle, the CEO of Venom Motorsports said that ‘We are in the motorsports industry for more than a decade now and during this period, we have widened our product range. But still, our sized motorcycles are the most popular product in our wide range, and this is why we planned to extend our standard sized motorcycle range. The new Venom X22 is a perfect mix of style, speed, durability, and safety. We keep tabs on the motorcycle market, and we know what exactly the motorcycle lovers are currently looking for. Through our new launch, we have served what our customers were looking for.’

He further added, ‘Our innovative approach has helped us to always come along with new ideas, and our new Venom X22 is a perfect example of innovation in the motorsports industry in its best form.
About Venom Motorsports
Venom Motorsports is a North American dealer and distributor of a wide range of motorsports like pocket bikes, ATVs, mini choppers, standard-sized motorcycles. In addition to the motorsports of different sizes and variety, we also deal in high-quality motorsports parts. We are known in the market for our quick delivery, high-quality products, and long years of experience.

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