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Bolun Implements German Technology to Manufacture Quality Boutique Clothing Racks

2022-08-11 02:08:41 Automotive


Bolun Company is a boutique clothing racks manufacturer in China. They have delivered luxury racks products for many fashion brands all over the world since 2004.

Bolun is back presenting their best Boutique Clothing rack products in 2020. Bolun company implements German technology in manufacturing their clothing rack. The company uses a German vacuum electroplating furnace to produce high glossy and matte racks. It guarantees the colors would not drop until eight years. Bolun has been 15 years delivering quality Boutique clothing rack for many stores around the world. The company prioritizes customers' satisfaction by manufacturing clothing racks that meet the ISO standard.

Interior stores that are equipped with appropriate luxury furniture and adequate lighting, making it easy for customers to choose the products they want. Experienced Bolun designers have designed their products in detail to the smallest angles. This ensures that the available space will be fit enough to store the clothes. Additionally, good design and proper lighting will attract customers more. Bolun's commitment to always satisfy customer satisfaction and provide products in accordance with customer requirements.

Bolun specializes in providing many kinds of excellent Boutique clothing rack for clothing stores. Their well designed Boutique clothing racks range from single clothing rack to wall-mounted models. The racks collection has many variations, such as Single Rail, Single-Width, Double Rail, Double Width, Display Stand, Display Table, Rack With Shelves, and Wall Mounted & Ceiling. Each design is tailored to the client's needs, and there are interesting discounts for customers.

The current Bolun website provides a comfortable experience for customers in choosing clothing rack products. For someone who wants to add good looking racks to their store, they can look at the Store Solution page. In this section, Bolun offers their best solution for their garment rack, which is a Boutique display rack series. This series will save time for customers to determine the best display racks for their store. The Bolun offers seven series of display racks. The series includes Ancientry Series, Champs Series, Dusk Wind Series, Golden Faith Series, Platinum Series, Star Walker Series, and Twilight Series. Each series presents four to seven Boutique Clothing Racks. This series is a solution for customers who want to save their time to get the proper racks for their store.

Bolun is committed to providing excellent services to its customers. They have been 15 years of experience designing quality boutique display racks, and hold UL SGS CE certification. They provide HIGH-QUALITY BOUTIQUE DISPLAY RACK with LOW PRICE since they are a manufacturing company. From designing process to delivery to the customers are handled by their professional team. All manufacturing processes were also closely monitored. This work ethic has been adhered to since the establishment of the company in 2004. Therefore, the customers will get the racks according to what they saw in the company's catalog.

"We are the best Boutique Clothing Racks manufacturer in China. Our products are trusted by various brands around the world. We will give a special discount price to all customers." said Bolun Marketing Manager.

As a partner for many fashion brands in the world, Bolun always adjusts its rack designs with current trends. Their product catalog can be seen at They will provide friendly service for potential customers. They will also provide samples before real orders (certain conditions apply).

About Bolun

Bolun is a fashion boutique clothing racks manufacturer in China. The company was established in 2004. Their professional team of designers are able to design and manufacture according to customer requirements. For more information about the reliable boutique clothing racks manufacturer, please visit


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