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Jxcycles Launched Various Multipurpose Cargo Bikes with Customized Colors

2023-10-01 11:07:56 Automotive


The Jxcycles cargo bike has two various types, the standard type and with an electric motor. Moreover, the company is also launching a popular Long John Bike type.

The cargo bike is getting more popular nowadays. The booming is not only in the countryside but also in urban areas. More and more people are using and owning this type of bicycle because it is unique and versatile. Bicycles are generally only able to carry two passengers, with small loads. But, this type of bicycle can hold more loads such as dogs, kids, or even cargo. Some types of tricycles cargo bikes are able to load up to 150 kgs of cargo. While another type of cargo bike with two wheels can only load 100 kgs, this multipurpose bicycle type is an environmentally friendly vehicle. Even more, bicycle manufacture like Jxcycles has created an electric type cargo bike.

Cargo bikes can also be called Cargo Trikes, Freight bikes or Bakfiets have many advantages in using them. It is human-powered and electric powered; it is not producing emissions and environmentally friendly technology. It can handle almost anything; kids, dogs, TVs, or any other items that are not exceeding 150 kgs. For some major cities, it is even faster than a car, because it is traffic jam-free. It can make fun for the cyclist and also healthier for them. It is also cheaper than a motorized vehicle. Pollution-free cargo bikes potentially become the vehicle of the future, and good for business as well. In some other countries, the Freight bikes is also used for Delivery services in dense urban environments, Food vending in high foot traffic areas, Transporting trade tools, Airport cargo handling, Recycling collections, Warehouse inventory transportation, Mail delivery (Freight bikes are used for mail delivery in the UK), and Child transport (mostly Freight bikes sold in Amsterdam are used primarily to carry children).

Cargo bike have been sold in various types. On the International bicycle market, there are various types of cargo bikes. It can easily recognize the type by looking at the position of the loading box. The following types are the most popular in the market: Utility Bikes, Cycle Trucks, Longtails, Long Johns/ Bakfiets/ Box Bikes, Cargo Tricycles/ Cycle Rickshaws, and Electric Cargo Bikes.

The booming of cargo bikes in the world has made Jxcycles, one of the cargo bikes and commercial bikes manufacturers in China, becoming more busy delivering many types of quality cargo bikes to their customers around the world. There are many cargo bike types that can be found on the website. The bike sold is usually used for commercial purposes, such as coffee bikes, ice cream bikes, cargo bikes, food bikes, pedicabs, vending bikes, food carts, and many more. Jxcycles's bikes are built with quality material for durability and longer use. The company also creates customized colors that fit their client's needs and satisfaction. The three types of cargo bikes are available at the Jxcycles website, they are Cargo Bike, Long John Bike, and Electric Cargo Bike.

Jxcycles Cargo Bike (JX-T05AE0) is a versatile human-powered cargo bike. It is useful to transport kids, dogs, groceries, or packages in near distance areas. The bike is made from quality Aluminium alloy or Steel materials for durability and able to hold up to 150 kgs of loads. The box dimension is 920*650*500 (mm), and the bike dimension is 2250*850*1100 (mm). With such dimensions, the bike is easy to store at home and doesn't need much space. Jxcycles Cargo Bike has two different versions. The standard version and the one with motor. The motorized Cargo Bike is powered with 250W motor and 36V/10AH Lithium Battery. The motorized Cargo Bike will provide enough power to take the luggage to the destination at a faster speed.

Another best seller model of Jxcycle cargo bikes is the Long John Bike type. Long Johns were developed in Denmark in the early 20th century. The Long John Bike is popular with the name "Bakfiet" or "Box Bike" in the Dutch. In Denmark, it is called a "Long John." Jxcycle Long John bike (JX-T05B) has box dimension 900*600*400 (mm) and bike dimension 2400*600*1150 (mm). The box is large enough to transport commodities and cargo safely to the destination.

About Jxcycles

Jxcycles has been manufacturing versatile cargo bike for more than ten years. They have delivered their products around the world. Jxcycles's enthusiastic expert team has made quality cargo bike products from quality materials and highly skilled craftsmanship. For more information, please visit


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