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Introducing the SS3 3” LED Pods from Diode Dynamics

2022-08-15 04:26:27 Automotive


At Diode Dynamics, we are focused on producing the best automotive LEDs on the market. Our customers have loved the performance of our powerful headlight bulbs and off-road LED light bars. Now, after receiving several requests from our customers, we are proud to release our new Stage Series SS3 3” LED Pods. These small pods can be mounted almost anywhere on your vehicle and they provide unrivaled brightness compared to other 3” pods on the market.

Like all of our products, these LED pods provide incredible light output. The advanced TIR optics on these pods focus the light with amazing efficiency so none of the output is lost due to internal reflections or glare. In fact, the combination of TIR optics and our high-intensity LED chips work together to provide a light output that is 50% brighter than any other LED pod on the market.

Engineered for both on and off-road use, these bright and compact Stage Series 3” LED Light Pods can be fitted to any vehicle with the included universal mounting brackets. We have also developed vehicle-specific mounting brackets for 100+ applications. These pods are built using a sturdy powder-coated aluminum housing in Sport and Pro power levels, with the Pro option offering double the total power. No matter which pods you choose, you will love the intense light output they emit.

Our pods are available in 6000K cool white and 3000K selective yellow with four functional beam pattern options. When you order your new pods, you can choose the color and pattern that best fits your application. These patterns include:

SAE Driving - The driving pattern is the perfect supplement for your high beams. The 18X8 degree spread helps to keep the road ahead illuminated, even at high speeds.
SAE Fog - Our fog light pattern provides an 80-degree wide spread of light that makes them the perfect upgrade for your factory fog lights.
Flood Pattern - When you choose the flood pattern, your pods will emit a uniform 60X60 degree spread of light. This pattern is perfect for illuminating worksites or any application where you need the best visibility at low speeds.
Spot Pattern - The spot pattern uses the unaltered TIR optic to create an incredible 151,000-candela beam that can illuminate distances as far as a half-mile away.
We engineered and manufactured our SS3 LED pods right here in the USA using the best technology and components available. So if you are looking to add LED pods to your vehicle, these SS3 LED light pods are for you. Like our off-road LED light bars, these pods are a great way to illuminate the path ahead whether you are driving on the road or blazing your own trail. Check out our website today to see these amazing pods and all of our other automotive LED products.

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