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Sontex Launches A Variety of Shrink Wrapping Machines to Keep Its Existence

2020-04-06 11:41:47 Industry


Sontex wants to keep its existence. Over 55 years, the company produces a variety of shrink-wrapping machines to support business in the UK.

Over 55 years in the packaging industry, Sontex supports a variety of businesses that need shrink wrapping machines and bag sealers. Nowadays, the company is one of the leading companies in the shrink wrap machine, skin packers, and pallet wrappers. The company comes and develops to fill the need of business owners on simple and compact shrink wrap machines and high-speed sealers.

Sontex has produced a variety of shrink-wrapping machines in the last 55 years. The company is trying to compete with global competitors to be one of the leading shrink wrapping machine companies. To deal with that, the company is not only improving its quality and technology on the wrapping and packaging machines but also the teams. The teams hold extensive knowledge so they can give the best advice to the companies that need the machines.

Collaboration is also one of the secrets of how Sontex can grow larger over 50 years. One of the latest collaborations is a collaboration with Network Pack. Network Pack is also the leading packaging supplier in the UK. This collaboration is to improve value services. With this collaboration, companies that need a shrink packaging machine can get a Sealed Air Cryovac shrink film from Network Pack. Moreover, the companies can also use the heat shrink tunnel from Sontex. Business owners will also benefit from this business partnership. They can save up to 50% on packaging and labor costs. The heat shrink tunnels are revolutionary machines from Sontex which can package products perfectly. The companies that want to deliver products will get extra protection, save space, and save costs.

Indeed, after 55 years the company understands what business owners need to keep delivering products safely from the beginning until the receivers accept the products. The company wants to make sure that the receivers receive the product without any significant problems. One of the ways to achieve the goal is by creating high-quality shrink wrapper machines. Sontex also comes as a company that can give a solution for any shrink wrap problems. It is a long journey for Sontex but the company has successfully produced a variety of shrink wrapping machines. Those machines are a solution for most businesses until today. It seems that the company will grow larger than today in the future along with its great and high-tech wrapping machines based on what market needs. The company also supports business owners to deliver only the best products to the customers along with perfect wrapping for protection.

About Sontex:

Sontex is one of the leading companies in shrink wrapping machines in the UK. Over 55 years, the company produces a variety of wrapping machines. The company has what business owners need to protect their products during the delivery process until received by customers.

For more information please contact:

Company Name: Sontex Machinery Ltd

Address: Unit B1, Cartwright Street


West Yorkshire

BD19 5LY

United Kingdom

Contact Person: Martin Taylor

Telephone: 01274 872299

Fax: 01274 862829



Company :-Sontex

User :- Martin Taylor


Phone :-01274 872299

Url :-


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