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Earthy Mist Dispensaries Select American Green’s AGM Smart Vending Machines for Placement in their Oklahoma Dispensaries

2020-07-17 02:42:04 Industry


American Green Enters Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Dispensary Market With New Verified Vending Machines. Earthy Mist Medical Marijuana Dispensary Purchases AGM Vending Machines.

Phoenix-Mesa, AZ - Today American Green. (ERBB:OTC) is happy to announce that Earthly Mist of Tulsa Ok has purchased and installed the company’s latest series of American Green smart vending machines for use in their very popular Oklahoma dispensaries.

Earthly Mist representative, LeJuan Williams, points out some of the reasons their expanding company chose American Green AGM Systems over their competitors:

The AGM machine gives our dispensaries the ability to add self-checkout as a convenience to our customers while providing an additional security layer for our stores.

We think AGM’s biometric identification feature is one of the best in the industry and ensures that our customers are qualified for the purchases they choose. Earthly Mist sees this as a key benefit to our dispensaries while utilizing the most accurate process we have seen in actual use anywhere.

American Green’s AGM gives Earthly Mist management the ability to examine and track back-end sales and features a robust, and easy-to-navigate touch screen interface making it a great way to promote Earthly Mist products.

“We are thrilled that Earthly Mist is the first group of stores in our part of the world using AGM’s advanced identification technology to deliver visually pleasing, easy-to-navigate, essential information for our customers operating the AGM to select and check out their products,” said LeJuan Williams of Earthly Mist.

“The AGM allows our dispensary customers to come in and operate the machines as self-service stations where they can browse and educate themselves by receiving information provided at the AGM Kiosk. Our customers love it!” concluded Ms.. Williams.

The American Green AGM is a self-service kiosk system that allows the sale of age-restricted products.

American Green has been testing its AGM system and has begun rolling them out for use in many different markets. Actual field testing has proved that the AGM is not only effective for age-restricted products, but for just about any product that a company may need to vend - all while performing real-time inventory control and limited, age-restricted access to products.

Pan Pacific International, who is American Green’s technology partner, also sells an age-restricted beverage vendor that can be used for Beer or Wine in special market applications and where permitted by law.

“We have been hard at work learning and making changes to our systems, so that they can be versatile and reliable within many different market sectors,” said Lindel Creed, who is Vice President of American Green’s automatic dispensing systems division.

According to Mr. Creed, “It all started with a machine we called ZaZZZ, our first machine which evolved into the automatic dispensing system now known as the AGM. We have made tremendous strides in our machine’s ongoing development, and we believe we now own the ‘Best in Class’ in Automatic Dispensing System for age or limited-access products,”

Lindel Creed continues, “It has not been an easy or a fast process, but the market requires a system that is truly an age verification system, so we have to be certain that the system cannot be manipulated or allow under-age sales - a process that takes time and in-field, real world studies. We have been testing our system in the CBD markets and are now ready to go into other areas of age-restricted sales,” concludes Mr. Creed.
American Green believes that the AGM process is the best way to insure that it is providing secure and accurate accountability to insure that the individual registered in the system is actually the same person using the machine. The AGM uses highly precise vein biometrics to identify the buyer and match them to a verified record originally obtained and encoded by a living human being when the member initially enrolls.

The company believes that American Green’s AGM kiosk is the most responsible way to make sure that its customers are protecting themselves with a system whose integrity of verification is the best in the industry.


Over the last 3 years American Green has evolved its product line using the feedback it has received from 1000’s of satisfied customers. We stand behind all of our CBD Premium Products and we’ll get them to you in time for the holidays, so order TODAY!

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