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Northern VA Land Grading Contractor Discusses How To Level A Yard

2019-12-03 12:05:34 Industry


Annandale, Virginia (forpressrelease) July 22, 2019 - Dirt Connections, a Northern VA land grading contractor, recently released a step-by-step guide discussing how to level a yard. Leveling your yard can be a project in itself or a foundation for an upcoming endeavor.

An uneven yard is both unattractive and dangerous. Visitors can easily sprain their ankles, fall, or trip over the unleveled ground. It can also cause drainage issues. Uneven lawns are often caused by leaks in pipes and lawn pests, such as grubs and moles, which can disrupt the root structure of the turf. After resolving any underlying issues, you can begin leveling it using fill dirt.

First, mow the lawn. Keep it long enough to protect the blade stems and prevent it from drying out. Then, determine the amount of thatch, or decayed grass, at the base of the turf. If you have more than half an inch of thatch, remove it with a rake, then begin filling in sunken areas with a mix of fill dirt, topsoil, and compost. The grass should be removed from low spots deeper than two to three inches before being filled in and replaced. Spread the dirt mixture evenly across the grass with a rake and use a broom to further work it into the soil. Water the lawn to help the mixture settle and fill any air pockets, applying a second layer of dirt after the grass begins growing if necessary to completely level the land.

Fill dirt is an essential tool in the leveling process. It contains no organic matter, allowing it to settle less over time and create a strong foundation for future projects. Dirt Connections provides free consultations and free fill dirt deliveries to make your project as easy as possible. Speak to a Northern VA land grading contractor for more information about how to level a yard or to receive help with your project. Dirt Connections will also remove any excess dirt once the project is complete. Contact Dirt Connections online at or by phone at 703-940-9949. The firm is headquartered at 11325 Random Hills Road, Suite 360-A211, Fairfax, VA 22030.


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