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NEVERMYND Design of the award 'Utmärkt Föreläsare' - Chefsnätverket Close

2023-12-05 08:29:41 Design


Each year, the Executive Network Company CLOSE gives out the 'Excellent Speaker Award' to those speakers who managed to get a perfect score from the Swedish Executives they addressed, at one or more leadership-development sessions at Close Executive Network. The award itself is prestigious, but it was in need of a new look -and polish, to match Close's new Brand and to bring out its full stature.

NEVERMYND kept the 5 stars because Close has them as one of their most important guiding objectives; To always deliver '5 stars' at the events produced with members in attending.

They also created a speech-bubble which highlights and delivers the name of the Award itself: Utmärkt Föreläsare. They made the new design partly "see-through" so that it would look 'a part of' whichever background it is placed on top of. For example, if a speaker pasted the award in the corner of a photo of themselves, or on their Facebook-header, they wanted it to blend with the picture or background, while still being well noticed.


NEVERMYND help communicate and grow projects & companies, by distilling a mission into a coherent message that can be easily articulated both internally & externally. They make sure our clients always get a healthy return on their communication investments by working with experts in design, marketing, content creation and web development.

About Chefsnätverket Close (

Chefsnätverket Close wants to contribute to a strong business Sweden through the best cheaters. They achieve this by arranging professional networking meetings with a focus on competence development and education for Swedish leaders, specialists, and entrepreneurs. They have active participants from more than twelve senior profession groups and they are today in Stockholm, Malmö, Gothenburg, and Luleå.

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