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Smart Sight Launches Website Development Integration With PHP Latest Version

2019-07-17 11:55:16 Technology


Websites fail to reach their full potential as they run on older versions of PHP. The percentage of websites running on the obsolete class of PHP is a significant cause of concern.

PHP undoubtedly happens to be one of the most widely used web development languages. Currently, more than 78 percent of websites around the world use the same. It is considered better than languages like JavaScript because it does not consume the resources on the client’s computer and uses the server’s resources. More and more consumers are willing to move to the server-side scripting language.

Updating means optimizing

The language, like any other software, needs constant improvement and scrutiny. Newer versions introduce the same and correct flaws, enhance security, and introduce stability in the system.

Each version has a lifecycle of three years, with support of up to two years. Security issues, including bugs, are patched regularly during the two years’ timeframe after the release of a new major PHP version.

“Websites fail to reach their full potential as they run on older versions of PHP. Very few customers ask developers to upgrade to the newer version due to lack of awareness. The percentage of websites running on obsolete versions of PHP is a big cause of concern. Sadly, some web hosting service providers are often unwilling to rollout upgrades due to the large flow of support requests that they need to face after rolling out newer versions. Developers and hosting service providers should, by default, deploy newer versions of the PHP instead of waiting for customer’s request to do so. Updating to the latest version ensures the website remains secured and works faster. All the versions from PHP 7 onward support 64-bit Windows operating systems. It can prove to be of significant assistance for non-Linux servers (Windows users). The performance boost is huge and cannot be ignored,” said one of the engineers from Smart Sight Innovations while interacting with journalists in Mumbai. He elaborated on how Smart Sight Innovation’s newly introduced services can help website owners to integrate the latest version of the PHP into their existing sites.

“Outdated codes are no longer supported, and this helps in better countering hackers. Websites with PHP 7.3 work considerably faster compared to sites that still run with PHP 5.6. Thus, updating to the latest version ensures the website remains secured and works more quickly. Upgrading existing sites is easy and can be done safely by following the right process. Even WordPress has declared PHP 7 as the official version. Thankfully, developers behind some of the popular content management systems (CMS) are notifying users regarding the legacy versions. The newer the version, the better is its error handling capability and features. Websites running on older versions may experience issues like memory corruption, problems in code execution, DoS, etc. Not just these, but overall, more than 100 issues or vulnerabilities were reported in 2016 alone, immediately after PHP 5.5 stopped receiving patches during the same year, “ said another engineer.

Several themes and plugins do not offer support for the older versions. If you are looking for a vendor to assist you in developing, updating, or testing your site’s compatibility for the latest PHP version, you should discuss your needs with engineers from Smart Sight Innovations (SSI).

SSI’s engineers help clients in replacing old installations, themes, and plugins that are not compatible with the language. They also offer technical support for fixing errors that occur in the later stage.

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